We are pleased to announce that the University of Lausanne will host the 2023 TPM conference! The co-chairs are Profs. Markus Christen, Felicitas Morhart, and Tobias Schlager. More details on the Call for Papers and the exact date in spring 2023 will come soon.

The Theory + Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference, founded in 2011 by Profs. Bernd Schmitt (Columbia Business School), Sunil Gupta (Harvard Business School), and Don Lehmann (Columbia Business School) was first hosted at Columbia Business School, and now takes place around the world to bring together marketing scholars, journal editors, business school deans, and practitioners who think the marketing discipline needs to re-examine itself and its relevance to practice.

The TPM Conference is motivated by the belief that marketing academia is often too far removed from addressing substantive problems, and instead focuses on more narrow methodological issues and/or theoretical phenomena disconnected from real-world applications. This lack of substantive focus threatens to make the academic field of marketing irrelevant and undermines the legitimacy of research at business schools. The goal of the TPM Conference is to synthesize a variety of perspectives and insights in order to identify concrete steps to achieve relevance.  

The TPM Conference is held yearly and has been hosted by top business schools around the globe, in partnership with top journals in the academic field of marketing. Read more about this year's conference hosted on May 10-12 at Emory University in collaboration with the International Journal of Research in Marketing and past conferences at theorypractice.org.