Marketing in Transition Study

The BRITE '12 conference (March 5-6) marked the unveiling of the Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York American Marketing Association (NYAMA)'s first BRITE-NYAMA Marketing Measurement in Transition Study entitled, Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data.

The aim of the study was to gain a better understanding of changing practices among large corporate marketers in the following areas: data collection and usage, marketing measurement and ROI, and the integration of digital and traditional marketing.

In surveying 253 marketing executives from large corporations, the study found both widespread adoption of new digital tools, and support for the use of new data to drive marketing decisions and measure marketing ROI. However, significant gaps exist between desire and execution as companies strive to measure marketing ROI. The overall picture of marketing by large corporations revealed significant need for improvements in the use of data, the measurement of digital marketing, and the assessment of marketing ROI.

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Click here to read the coverage in AdAge (March 12, 2012).

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