Columbia Business School seeks to equip students not only with the fundamentals of management, but also with the ability to thoughtfully consider the sometimes competing demands of individuals, business, and society at large.

The Individual, Business and Society Curriculum (IBSC) begins with a series of sessions during orientation which introduces the three pillars of business ethics: the interrelated and interconnected approach to values- based leadership, governance, and corporate social responsibility. During these sessions, students explore a thought-provoking multi-part case which fosters a community dialogue in regards to the sometimes gray areas apparent in the pillars of business ethics.

In the classroom, core course lectures and case studies invite students to think critically about ethical dilemmas, conflicts and trade-offs. Complementing these in-class discussions are guest lecturers, panel discussions, case competitions, and other special events throughout the academic year which are co-facilitated by the Student Leadership and Ethics Board.