On September 21, 2022, we hosted a powerful panel discussion exploring the rise of politics in the workplace featuring Emma Goldberg, writer for The New York Times, Andrea Hagelgans, managing partner of social issues engagement at Edelman, and Miriam Warren, chief diversity officer at Yelp. The program was moderated by Professor Todd Jick with a lightning round research talk by Professor Vanessa Burbano.

About the Klion Forum

The KPMG Peat Marwick/Stanley R. Klion Forum is an annual speaker series, hosted by the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics, which features distinguished business, academic, and policy leaders who are committed to resolving the major ethical, social, political, and economic challenges of our time. It is a cornerstone of the School’s ongoing efforts to encourage greater awareness of the ethical dilemmas faced by today’s leaders. 

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Past Klion Forum Speakers

 Emma Goldberg Headshot

Emma Goldberg
The New York Times

 Andrea Hagelgans Headshot

Andrea Hagelgans
Managing Partner, Social Issues Engagement

  Miriam Warren Headshot

Miriam Warren
Chief Diversity Officer

 Tony Tjan Headshot 

Tony Tjan
Cue Ball Capital 

 Valerie Jarrett Headshot

Valerie Jarrett
Former Senior Advisor
Obama Administration

 Arianna Huffington Headshot

Arianna Huffington
Huffington Post 

  William Lauder Headshot

William Lauder
Executive Chairman
Estee Lauder Companies

Denise Morrison Headshot

Denise Morrison
Former CEO
Campbell Soup Company

Full List of Past Speakers

2021 - Present

  • Emma Goldberg
    Writer, The New York Times (2022)
  • Andrea Hagelgans
    Managing Partner, Social Issues Engagement, Edelman (2022)
  • Miriam Warren
    Chief Diversity Officer, Yelp (2022)
  • Laura Boudreau
    Assistant Professor of Business, Columbia Business School (2021)
  • Jonathan Duskin
    CEO, Macellum Capital Management (2021)
  • Chris Miller
    Head of Global Activism Strategy, Ben & Jerry's (2021)
  • Tony Tjan
    CEO, Cue Ball (2021)

2011 - 2020

  • Valerie Jarrett
    Former Senior Advisor, Obama Administration (2020)
  • Professor Exequiel Hernandez
    Max and Bernice Garchik Family Presidential Assistant Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (2019)
  • Wissam Kahi '04
    Co-Founder and COO, Eat Offbeat (2019)
  • Ninette Kelley
    Director of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), New York Office (2019)
  • Arianna Huffington
    Founder and CEO of Thrive Global; Founder of The Huffington Post (2018)
  • Geoff Heal
    Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School (2017)
  • Jim Rogers
    Former CEO and President of Duke Energy (2017)
  • Stephen Girsky
    President of S.J. Girsky & Co.; Board Member of General Motors (2016)
  • Gary Gensler
    Former Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2015)
  • Ellen Oran Kaden
    Chief Legal and Government Affairs Officer of Campbell Soup Company (2014)
  • Denise Morrison
    CEO of Campbell Soup Company (2014)
  • William Lauder
    Executive Chairman of the Estée Lauder Companies (2013)
  • Sir Ronald Cohen
    Chairman of The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures (2012)
  • Patricia M. Cloherty
    Chairman and CEO of Delta Private Equity Partners, LLC and manager of The US Russia Investment Fund and Delta Russia Fund, L.P. (2011)

2001 - 2010

  • Moisés Naím
    Editor in Chief of Foreign Policy (2010)
  • John Bogle
    Founder and Former CEO of The Vanguard Group, Inc., and President of the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center (2009)
  • Peter Cornelius
    Chief Economist of AlpInvest Partners (2008)
  • Stanley Litow
    Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, and President of IBM International Foundation (2007)
  • Dan Reingold
    Former Managing Director and telecom analyst at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse First Boston (2006)
  • Leo Hindery Jr.
    Chairman of InterMedia Advisors and Executive-in-Residence at Columbia Business School (2005)
  • Paul Volcker
    Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board’s Oversight Committee (2003)
  • Jack T. Ciesielski
    Publisher of The Analyst’s Accounting Observer (2002)
  • Laurence M. Downes
    Chairman and CEO of the New Jersey Resources Corporation (2002)
  • Bevis Longstreth
    Senior Partner at the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton (2002)
  • Marc Sternfeld
    Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School (2002)
  • Richard Juelis
    Chief Financial Officer of Cellegy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2001)
  • Professor Peter Juviler
    Co-chair and Co-director of the Center for the Study of Human Rights (2001)
  • Monsignor Maloney
    Catholic Chaplain at Columbia and Pastor of the Church of Notre Dame (2001)
  • Rosamond Rhodes
    Director of Bioethics Education at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (2001)

1993 - 2000

  • Jens Neumann
    Chairman of North American Operations of Volkswagen (1999)
  • Richard B. Fisher
    Chairman of the Executive Committee and Director of Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Discover & Co. (1998)
  • Frank N. Newman
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bankers Trust Company (1997)
  • Herbert F. Aspbury
    Senior Managing Director of Chemical Bank (1996)
  • Richard Blackburn
    President and Group Executive of NYNEX Worldwide Services (1996)
  • James Marpe
    Partner at Andersen Consulting (1996)
  • Anne Busquet
    Executive Vice President of American Express (1995)
  • David Howe
    Partner at Booz, Allen & Hamilton (1995)
  • Michael Novak
    George Frederick Jewett Chair in Religion & Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute (1995)
  • Schon Beechler
    Professor of International Management at Columbia Business School (1994)
  • Robert Callender
    Executive-in-Residence at Chemical Bank (1994)
  • Wayne Cherner
    President of Smokefree Services, and former VP of Kidder Peabody Co. (1994)
  • Carol Einiger
    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (1994)
  • Paul Van Orden
    Executive-in-Residence at the Chazen Institute (1994)
  • John Whitney
    Professor of Quality Management at Columbia Business School (1994)
  • Dr. P. Roy Vagelos '54PS '83PS
    Chairman of Regeneron, Former Chairman and CEO of Merck (1993)
  • Jack Welch
    Former Chairman of General Electric Company (1993)