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Real Estate Investing Course 



Taught by Columbia Business School’s top real estate faculty from the School’s esteemed Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, the Real Estate Investing program provides participants with a deep understanding of real estate valuation and investments — sharpening their acumen of real estate principles, teaching them how to mitigate risk in real estate investing, and strengthening their strategic decision-making capabilities in the field.

While touching on residential housing, the program primarily focuses on the acquisition and management of income-producing commercial properties.  Suitable for professionals on the periphery of the real estate business or those who do not have a background in real estate but need to acquire or enhance their understanding of the sector. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and basic financial concepts such as net present value, internal rate of return, or discounted cash flow is expected.

  • Two sessions per year, three consecutive days at Columbia Business School
  • Typical cohort consists of ~40-50 professionals and executives from a range of industries, including Real Estate, Construction, Energy, Healthcare, Consulting, and Entertainment
  • Latest cohort included participants from 10 different countries including Italy, Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, Turkey, Lebanon and Congo.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies Course



Commercial property sales in the United States totaled a record US$809 billion in 2021 according to data organization Real Capital Analytics, nearly doubling that of 2020 and exceeding the previous record of about US$600 billion in 2019. Given this trend, real estate investing is seeing abundant opportunities across emerging and established sectors. However, with volatility in markets and lending rates, maximizing returns on real estate investments requires a deep understanding of the nuances, variables, and risks that drive ever-fluctuating property markets. A challenge for most traditional investors is that the real estate market is less liquid and transparent than stocks, and it’s often difficult to get the necessary information all in one place to make fully informed investment decisions.

Taught by faculty from Columbia Business School’s esteemed Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, this program provides a quality hands-on learning experience in just six weeks to prepare you with the real estate valuation skills and investment methodologies to support smarter investment decisions. You will gain industry-leading skills in creating financial models, analyzing cash flows, determining values, and measuring returns of real estate investments.

  • Duration: 6 Weeks, 6 modules, 45-60 min per week
  • First iteration March 2023

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