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Why Zillow Couldn’t Make Algorithmic House Pricing Work
WIRED - 11/11/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

‘It’s really a toy’: How reliable is Zestimate, Zillow’s extremely popular home-valuation tool?
MSN - 11/9/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Opinion: Zillow sent its algorithm to take on the housing market. The housing market won.
Washington Post - 11/9/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

What does Zillow's abrupt exit from iBuying portend for the direct-homebuying business model?
The Business Journals- 11/9/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Zillow just gave up on ibuying. What's the deal with the algorithmic home sales?
Yahoo Finance - 11/3/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

How Zillow, other companies buy houses around Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Times - 10/24/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Is that viral TikTok about housing market manipulation true?
Input Magazine - 10/1/21
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Frustrated buyers wonder when housing market will get easier
Marketplace - 7/23/2021
Professor Christpher Mayer


7 things the U.S. needs to do to recover from the coronavirus recession, according to economists
CNBC - 7/28/2020
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Trump administration open to a second round of stimulus payments. Here's what that could look like
CNN Politics - 6/25/2020
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Some big companies seek breaks on rent
Marketplace - 5/19/2020
Professo Christopher Mayer

Housing advocates sound alarm as May rents collide with coronavirus
The Hill - 4/29/2020
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Record Government and Corporate Debt Risks 'Tipping Point' After Pandemic Passes
The Washington Post - 4/18/2020
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Mortgage Debt Relief is Crucial to Economic Recovery
Columbia Business School Ideas at Work - 4/16/2020
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

If You Want a Quick Recovery, Forgive Debts
Barron's - 4/15/2020
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Missed Rent Payments Cascade Across the Real Estate Industry
Bloomberg - 4/9/2020
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

U.S. Orders Up to a Yearlong Break on Mortgage Payments
NPR - 3/19/2020
Professor Christopher Mayer


Evaluating housing affordability policies: What works?
The Unassuming Economist - 9/17/2019
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

American Dream Mall Developers Put Up Other Mega Malls as Collateral
The Wall Street Journal - 8/20/2019
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Climate change is a remorseless threat to the world’s coasts
The Economist - 8/17/2019
Professor Christopher Mayer

These States Are Turning To Rent Control: How It Affects Affordable Housing
WBUR - 6/20/2019
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Risky Borrowing Is Making a Comeback, but Banks Are on the Sideline
New York Times - 6/11/2019
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

How a Real Estate Concept From the Middle Ages Can Still Backfire
New York Times - 6/7/2019
Professor Christopher Mayer

Real Estate’s Latest Bid: Zillow Wants to Buy Your House
New York Times - 5/7/2019
Professor Christopher Mayer

Seeking an Edge, Developers and Investors Turn to ‘Proptech’
New York Times - 5/7/2019 
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Study Says Rent Control Is Good for Cities, Debunking Conventional Economists' Wisdom 
Gothamist - 4/17/2019
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

Still Too Damn High: How Can We Address Rising Rents?
MarketWatch - 4/11/2019
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

Return of Rent Control: New Research Shows Benefit of Decades-Old Affordable Housing Approach
PR Newswire - 4/8/2019
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

America’s Most Hated Home Loan Is Staging a Comeback
Bloomberg - 3/13/2019
Professor Christopher Mayer


In an Uncertain Real Estate Market, Try Before You Buy
The New York Times - 11/15/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer 

The $91 Million Fight to Reconsider Rent Control in California
Bloomberg - 10/24/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer 

To Prevent Another Housing Crash, Spread the Risk
Columbia Business School Ideas at Work - 9/24/2018
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

Homeowners Resist Borrowing Against Equity Despite Push by Banks
The Seattle Times - 8/11/2018 
Professor Christopher Mayer 

Why You Should Buy a House in 2018
WGRZ - 7/5/2018
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

Homeowners Have More Equity Than Ever But Don't Want to Tap It
The Spokesman-Review - 7/15/2018 
Professor Christopher Mayer 

Researchers Say Reverse Mortgages Deserve a Second Look
Forbes - 3/30/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer 

US Homeownership Rate Slips Versus That of Other Nations
Reverse Mortgage Daily - 3/18/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer 

Could the 2008 Financial Crisis Happen Again? 
WUWM 89.7 - 3/14/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer

The US Homeownership Rate Has Lost Ground Compared with Other Developed Countries
Urban Institute: Urban Wire Housing and Finance Blog - 3/12/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer 

The Mortgage Market Risk No One's Talking About, Plus a Proposal to Redesign the System
Brookings - 3/8/2018
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

To Explain Changes in the Homeownership Rate, Look Beyond Demographic Trends
Urban Institute: Urban Wire Housing and Finance Blog - 3/6/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer

Equifax Unveils New Analytic Dataset for Identifying Detailed Credit Market Signals
Business Insider: Markets Insider - 2/26/2018
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

FinTech: Who Does It Serve? Who Can It Serve?
Urban Institute - 2/8/2018
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

How a Red-Hot Housing Market Became a Crisis
Marketplace - 1/25/2018
Professor Christopher Mayer


From Bombs to Ball drops, the History of New Year’s Eve in Times Square
New York Post - 12/28/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

GOP Achieves Tax-Cut Dream: What Happens to the Dream of Home Ownership Now?
WBUR - 12/20/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

Tax Changes Could Have Big Effect On Housing
Marketplace - 12/19/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

How The House Tax Overhaul Bill Could Hurt Affordable Housing
WNPR - 12/15/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

Forget 'Location, Location, Location' When Making Retirement Housing Decisions
Forbes – 12/5/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

The GOP Tax Plan and the Housing Market
NPR - 11/3/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

A Crowded Market and Development Glut are Making Lenders Think Twice
The Real Deal - 11/1/2017
Professor Brian Lancaster

Between Tragedy and Opportunity: Lynne B. Sagalyn’s Power at Ground Zero
Los Angeles Review of Books - 10/10/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Rebuilding New York City
Oxford University Press Blog - 9/11/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Book Review: Power at Ground Zero
Architectural Record - 9/1/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Banks That Don't Invest in Technology Risk Falling Behind Permanently
Forbes - 7/20/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Banks' Struggles in Mortgage Business Linked to Outdated Technology
Information Management (originally appeared in American Banker) - 7/16/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

What's driving the growth in 'shadow banking'
Chicago Booth Review - 6/26/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Interview: Professor Lynne Sagalyn, Columbia Business School - 6/20/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

The SBC Discusses Barriers to Refinancing and Menendez ‘s Discussion Draft Hearing Summary - 5/11/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

Fintech and Shadow Banks
Seeking Alpha - 5/10/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Power at Ground Zero (Alumni Books Podcast)
Slice of MIT Podcast - 4/25/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Why America’s Richest Cities Keep Getting Richer
The Atlantic - 4/12/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer 

Shadow Banking is Getting Bigger Without Getting Better
Bloomberg View - 3/28/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

The Rise of Shadow Banks in Mortgage Lending
The Wall Street Journal - 3/27/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

How Larry Silverstein hustled to rebuild the World Trade Center
The Real Deal - 3/14/2017
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

When It Comes to Wall Street, Preet Bharara Is No Hero
ProPublica - 3/12/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Banking the unbanked: Is the NDA govt’s flagship initiative Jan Dhan Yojana bearing fruit on the ground? 
The Times of India - 3/9/2017
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: How It Can Be Done Effectively
[email protected] - 1/9/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer

The Most Critical Reverse Mortgage Research: 2017 Edition
Reverse Mortgage Daily - 1/3/2017
Professor Christopher Mayer 


How Donald Trump's Win Could Affect Your Wallet
MarketWatch - 11/11/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Who Lost Ground Zero? 
City Journal - 10/14/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

A Major New Book Takes on the Power Struggle at Ground Zero
The New York Times - 9/27/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Life Goes On, Even At Ground Zero 
The Washington Free Beacon - 9/25/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Wrestling Over Hallowed Ground in Downtown Manhattan
The Wall Street Journal - 9/23/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Rebirth and Renewal at Ground Zero
Newsday - 9/10/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Work to Rebuild Lower Manhattan After September 11 Continues
CCTV America - 9/9/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

5 Questions: Real Estate Professor Lynne Sagalyn Probes the Redevelopment of Ground Zero
Columbia News - 9/9/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

We’ll Never Forget 9/11. How Should We Remember Ground Zero?
The Washington Post - 9/9/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Where Lower Manhattan Stands, 15 Years Later
WNYC - Money Talking - 9/9/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

How New York City Rebuilt Anew After Its Darkest Day
NPR - 9/8/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

A Shopping Mall at Ground Zero, Uninformed by Its Sacred Land
The New York Times - 9/5/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Airbnb Income: How It Can Mess With Your Mortgage ‘Refi’
Wall Street Journal - 8/29/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Rebuilding Ground Zero: How Twin Mandates of Revival and Remembrance Reshaped Lower Manhattan
The Conversation - 8/25/2016
Professor Emerita Lynne B. Sagalyn

Jumbo Mortgages Bigger Piece of the Housing Pie
Mid-Missouri Public Radio - 8/10/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Professor Christopher J. Mayer Appointed Faculty Director of the Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate

Avoid These Emotional Missteps When Buying or Selling a House
Market Watch - 7/7/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer 

The Psychology of Buying and Selling a House
The Wall Street Journal - 6/12/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Why the 24-Hour City Matters
Commercial Property Executive - 6/9/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer 

Where Should Millennials Live?
BBC World Service - 6/7/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

American Housing Prices Going Big, Again
NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrooke - 6/2/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Help arrives for (some) underwater homeowners
Marketplace - 4/15/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

HANSEN: World Trade Center Hub is wasteful, ugly
The Daily Targum - 3/21/2016
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

The Big Data Craze Is Building In Real Estate —
And MBA Programs Are Driving The Trend

BusinessBecause - 3/21/2016
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Housing helps keep recovery going
Marketplace - 2/17/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer

Can the private sector help rebuild America? 
Columbia Ideas at Work - The Centennial Issue
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

US millennials caught in the parent trap 
Financial Times – 2/1/2016
Professor Christopher Mayer [video]


Did the nation's largest housing recovery initiative work?
PBS NewsHour – 11/19/2015
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

The vast inequality of rental inflation
Marketplace - 11/6/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

HARP helped more than 3 million borrowers save $3,500 annually
HousingWire – 9/23/2015
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Housing Market is One Upbeat Note Right Now
Marketplace - 8/25/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

Are Rent Laws Worth It?
NPR – 6/17/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

Retiring baby boomers struggling with mortgage payments
Mortgage Professional America – 6/16/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

Paying Off the Mortgage Is Becoming Harder for Older Workers
New York Times – 6/12/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

U.S. Home Prices Rising Faster Than Expected
NPR's Here & Now – 5/26/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

The housing market is still struggling
Marketplace – 2/24/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

UNSW Business School Holds Energetic Real Estate Forum
UNSW Business School - 2/16/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer 

The Logic of an Empty $100 Million Pad
New York Times – 2/9/2015
Professor Christopher Mayer

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Older Americans a Pillar of Housing Market With High Ownership Rate
Bloomberg News – 12/8/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

How Cost of Train Station at World Trade Center Swelled to $4 Billion
New York Times – 12/2/2014
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Heading in the Right Direction
NAREIT - 10/31/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn Presents at the Skyscraper Museum
The Skyscraper Museum – 10/27/2014
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Floating-rate debt is great when interest rates go down
FT Alphaville – 10/20/2014
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

How mortgage rates affect car purchases, credit card debt and jobs
Washington Post – 10/9/2014
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Easy credit flows to US landlords as lenders bet on rental market
Reuters – 10/2/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Parents, the Children Will Be Fine. Spend Their Inheritance Now
New York Times - 9/19/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Will Portland Always Be a Retirement Community for the Young?
New York Times – 9/16/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Back to School
PERE Magazine – 9/1/2014
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Many Homeowners Still Qualify for Mortgage Relief
NPR - 8/26/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Hong Kong Popping Housing Bubbles London Can’t Handle
Bloomberg - 7/30/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

How High Debt From The Housing Collapse Still Stifles Our Economy
NPR - 7/24/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

JPMorgan Pulls Back from Mortgage Lending on Foreclosure Worries
Reuters – 7/15/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Homeownership Equals Stability
New York Times – 7/15/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Cash Home Sales Soar Across US
Bloomberg – 5/28/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

With Clock Ticking on Mortgage Relief, Homeowners Wonder What’s Ahead
Washington Post – 3/10/2014
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Severe Weather Socks The Economy, But Full Impact Is Unclear
NPR - 3/4/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Legislative Insider-March/April 2014
Realtor Reflections - 3/1/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Home Ownership
Columbia Business School No Free Lunch Seminar – 2/25/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

Not All Housing Bubbles Crash Equally
Fortune – 2/3/2014
Professor Shang-Jin Wei

Where Will Young People Live When They’re Old and Gray?
Marketplace – 1/31/2014
Professor Christopher Mayer

The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market
New York Times – 1/25/14
Professor Christopher Mayer

Reverse-Mortgage Rule Changes Draw Professor to the Business
Bloomberg Businessweek – 1/23/14
Professor Christopher Mayer

State Lenders Escape Rules to Put Americans in Homes: Mortgages
Bloomberg News – 1/22/14
Professor Christopher Mayer

Professor Puts Ideas in Practice as Reverse-Mortgage CEO
Bloomberg – 1/18/14
Professor Christopher Mayer

REBIC Hosts National Housing Economist Christopher Mayer at Jan. 23 Forum
Charlotte Business Journal – 1/15/14
Professor Christopher Mayer

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Mortgage Program Pans Out
Wall Street Journal – 12/31/13
Professor Christopher Mayer

Mortgage Rates to Rise, but Not Because of Tapering
MSN – 12/19/13
Professor Christopher Mayer

Decent Year for Housing Ahead?
CNBC – 12/18/13
Professor Christopher Mayer

Nightly Business Report
CNBC – 12/18/13
Professor Christopher Mayer

What to Expect from REITs in 2014
Investopedia – 12/16/13
Professor Christopher Mayer

Beijing to Make It Easier to Bet the Farm
Wall Street Journal – 11/22/2013
Professor Shang-Jin Wei

Private Equity Funds Barely Worth It: Study
CNBC – 11/12/2013
Professors Morten Sorensen and Neng Wang

Average Private-Equity Investor Merely Breaks Even, Study Claims
Barron’s – 11/11/2013
Professors Morten Sorensen and Neng Wang

Wall Street Figured out How to Securitize Your Rent. Should You Worry?
Wall Street Journal – 11/8/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Capitalizing on the Public-Private Partnership
PrivcapRE – 10/24/2013
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Another Housing Bubble? Real Estate Expert Says “No”
The Motley Fool – 10/12/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Carrying Debt After Retirement
New York Times – 9/26/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Valuing Private Equity: Video and Presentation
Columbia Business School No Free Lunch Seminar – 9/17/2013
Professor Neng Wang

Mortgage Refinance Slowdown Leads to Bank Layoffs
Marketplace – 9/10/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Tighter Rules Will Make It Harder to Get a Reverse Mortgage
New York Times – 9/6/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Will The New Fed Chief Revive Housing?
Fox Business – 8/21/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Report: Half of All Home Purchases Paid for with Cash
Marketplace – 8/15/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Foreclosures Are Down, but the Housing Market Isn't Quite Moving Yet
Marketplace Morning Report – 8/15/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Obama Introduces a New Game: Fake Bipartisanship
CNN Money – 8/14/2013
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

More Fraud Evidence Tilts the Crisis Narrative
Columbia Journalism Review – 8/12/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

American Dream Slipping as Homeownership at 18-Year Low
Bloomberg – 7/30/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

The Perverse Effects of Rent Regulation
New York Times – 7/23/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Married to the Mortgage
The Economist – 7/13/2013
Professor Shang-Jin Wei

Rules for Reverse Mortgages May Become More Restrictive
New York Times – 7/12/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

People with Bad Math Skills Are More Likely to Wind Up in Foreclosure
Business Insider – 6/27/2013
Professor Stephan Meier

Math-Challenged Americans More Likely to End Up in Foreclosure
NBC News – 6/24/2013
Professor Stephan Meier

Home Buyers with Good Credit Have Many Options
CNBC Closing Bell – 6/14/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Many Would-Be First-Time Homebuyers Fear Taking the Plunge
Marketplace Radio – 6/4/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

New York’s New Billionaire Street
Marketplace Morning Report – 6/4/2013
Professor Lynne Sagalyn

Sustainable Recovery in Housing?
CNBC – 5/28/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Market-Return Research Wins 2013 AQR Insight Award
Wall Street Journal – 5/20/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Piskorski Receives 2013 AQR Insight Distinguished Paper Award
Business School News – 5/20/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Home Prices Rebound
NPR – 5/1/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Real Estate Déjà Vu
New York Magazine – 4/12/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Private-Label RMBS Fraud Ran Rampant Before Market Crash, but Who Is Guilty?
Housingwire – 4/10/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Rental Investment May Seem Safer Than It Really Is
New York Times – 03/29/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Cash Course in Housing Economics
Wall Street Journal – 3/2/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Study Confirms Widespread Mortgage Fraud
CBS Money Watch – 2/22/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

New Paper Sheds Light on Extent of Housing Bubble Fraud
Wall Street Journal – 2/20/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Bubbles and Fraud: A Smoking Gun?
Economist – 2/19/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Housing Taking a Turn to the Upside?
Fox Business – 1/25/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Sagalyn Presents Research on Cities as Entertainment Centers Business School News – 1/25/2013
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

In Deal, Bank of America Extends Retreat From Mortgages
New York Times – 1/7/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Big Banks Settle Mortgage Hangover
Wall Street Journal – 1/7/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Bank of America Puts to Bed Claims from Housing Crisis, While Retreating from Market
Washington Post – 1/7/2013
Professor Christopher Mayer

Lessons Learned from HAMP
Housing Wire Magazine – 1/2013
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

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Groundbreaking on $15 Billion Hudson Yards Project in Manhattan Begins
Daily Mail – 12/4/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Business Schools See the Value of Lessons in Real Estate
Financial Times – 11/26/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

American Daydream
HERMES – 11/26/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn and Professor Christopher Mayer

Why Freddie Mac Resisted Refis
ProPublica – 10/25/12
Professor Christopher Mayer

New Film Captures WTC Redevelopment Battle
New York Post – 10/17/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

US Housing Policy Experts Say GSE Reform Will Have To Wait
MNI – 10/2/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Mortgage Finance System Overhaul Way Down the Road
The Hill – 10/2/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

On the House: U.S. Approach to Easing Foreclosures a Disappointment
Philadelphia Inquirer – September 23, 2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Mortgage Servicers Dropped the Ball, Study Says
Chicago Tribune – 9/20/2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Special Servicers: Answer to Mortgage Industry Woes?
CBS News – 9/20/2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Did Bank Delays Cause 800,000 Foreclosures?
MSN Money – 9/17/2012

Study: Home Modification Program Falls Short
CBS News – 9/13/2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Foreclosure Fail: Study Pins Blame on Big Banks
ProPublica – 9/12/2012
See also related coverage from Huffington Post, the Atlantic (also featured on Yahoo), and the Consumerist.

Can the Middle Class Thrive Without Home Ownership?
Fortune – 9/11/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Help for New Jersey's Mortgage Crisis?
NJ Spotlight – 9/11/2012

Paper: Why Obama’s Loan Modification Program Fell Short
Wall Street Journal – 9/5/2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Putting Numbers to HAMP's Limited Impact
Bloomberg Businessweek – 8/31/2012
Professor Tomasz Piskorski

The Perils and Promise of Public-Private Partnerships
National Development Council – 08/6/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

The Raft for an Underwater Housing Market
MN2020 Hindsight – 7/31/2012

Hasty Loan Denials of HARP Refinance Applications Mislead Thousands of Discouraged Underwater Homeowners
PR Web – 7/24/2012

A Neighborhood’s Comeback
Wall Street Journal – 07/18/2012
Professor Lynne B. Sagalyn

Expanding Refinances Could Save Billions for Homeowners
Center for Responsible Lending – 6/27/2012

Housing Market Crawls Back
Wall Street Journal – 5/29/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Principal Reductions Won’t Solve the Mortgage Mess
Bloomberg – 5/17/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Potential Broad-Based Refi Plan Aims To Level Playing Field; Increase Home Prices
Mortgage News Daily – 5/9/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

HUD: 750,000 Borrowers Helped with Obama Refi Plan
MarketWatch – 5/8/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

More Refinance Help on Horizon for Fannie, Freddie Homeowners?
US News and World Report – 4/25/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Two Democratic Senators Push to Streamline, Speed Refinancing Process
The Hill – 4/25/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Continued Job Growth Will Help Housing Industry
NPR – 4/23/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Did the White House Use ‘Fuzzy Math’ on the Bailout? Not Really.
Washington Post – 4/20/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

When Homeowners Refinance, It’s Good for Business
Boston Globe – 4/20/2012 (registration required)
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Experts Discuss Housing Crisis, Solutions
Columbia Business School – 4/10/2012
Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Professor Christopher Mayer

Is Mortgage-Debt Forgiveness Worth the ‘Moral Hazard’?
Wall Street Journal – 4/2/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Rents Keep Rising, Even as Housing Prices Fall
New York Times – 2/24/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

States Negotiate $26 Billion Agreement for Homeowners
New York Times – 2/8/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Freddie Mac Betting Against Struggling Homeowners
National Public Radio – 1/30/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Treasury Investigates Freddie Mac Investment
The New York Times – 1/30/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Obama Answers Bernanke Plea With Refinancing Plan: Mortgages
Bloomberg Business Week – 1/25/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

A New Stimulus: Have Wall Street bail out Main Street
CNN Money – 1/18/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Time to Consider Mass Mortgage Refinancings
The Washington Post – 1/17/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

Remodeling Homeowner Incentives: A Plan to Revive the Housing Market by Replacing Mortgage Interest Deductions with Tax Credits
The Huffington Post – 1/17/2012
Professor Christopher Mayer

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Obama Administration Expands Mortgage Assistance Program
The Takeaway – 10/25/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

Refinancing Revamp Planned
SmartMoney – 10/24/2011

How Much Would Mass Refinancing Do for the Economy?
The Washington Post – 10/19/2011
Dean Glenn Hubbard

Steven Pearlstein: How about
The Washington Post – 9/17/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

How Mortgage Refinancing Could Help Spur Economy
National Public Radio – 9/7/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

How To Save The Housing Market: Destroy Houses
Time Magazine – 9/7/2011

Mortgage Refinancing Could Jumpstart Economy
Wall Street Journal video – 8/28/2011
Dean Glenn Hubbard

Obama Considers New Housing Solutions
National Public Radio – 8/27/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

One Final Bailout That Still May Happen
U.S. News & World Report – 8/26/2011

U.S. May Back Refinance Plan for Mortgages
New York Times – 8/24/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

Can housing policy be an effective stimulus?
The Washington Post – 8/23/2011
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Banks Block Obama's Mortgage Stimulus Plan
Bloomberg – 8/16/2011
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Low Rates Alone Not Seen Reviving Housing Market
National Public Radio – 8/15/2011
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Housing Speculation (Video)
Columbia Business School No Free Lunch Seminar – 3/1/2011
Professor Christopher Mayer

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The Economics of Hedge Funds: Video and Presentation
Columbia Business School No Free Lunch Seminar – 11/9/2010
Professor Neng Wang

How Underwater Mortgages Can Float the Economy
New York Times — 9/18/2010
By R. Glenn Hubbard and Christopher Mayer

Debt Forgiveness Key in Plan to Curb Foreclosures
National Public Radio – 3/26/2010
Professor Christopher Mayer

B of A to help underwater homeowners
National Public Radio Marketplace – 3/24/2010
Professor Christopher Mayer

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How to Modify Securitized Mortgages
Seeking Alpha – 3/21/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Obama Housing Fix Too Timid?
Los Angeles Times – 2/27/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Proposal Is Heavy on Incentives to Modify Loans
Wall Street Journal – 2/19/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Obama's Savior-Based Housing Plan
U.S. News & World Report – 2/18/2009
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

The Good and Bad in Obama's Foreclosure Plan
The Atlantic – 2/18/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Fixing Foreclosures: Lots Of Plans, Murky Strategy
CNBC – 2/12/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

How to Save the Housing Market
The Atlantic – 2/4/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Beyond the Age of Leverage: New Banks Must Arise
Financial Times – 2/2/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Are 4% Mortgages the Answer?
Time Magazine Blog – 2/2/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Fixing Foreclosures: 'How Far Are We Going to Go?'
CNBC – 1/23/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

Mortgage Crisis: Will Loan Mods Bring Relief?
BusinessWeek – 1/23/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Obama Has No Quick Fix for Banks
New York Times – 1/20/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer

More Thoughts on How to Fix the Housing Crisis
Time Magazine Blog – 1/15/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Columbia Profs Tackle Loan Mods
HousingWire – 1/12/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Loan Servicers Should Get Incentives to Modify Mortgages, Experts Say
Los Angeles Times – 1/11/2009

Why Servicers Matter (Audio)
WNYC – 1/8/2009

FDIC Loan Plan Called Too Expensive
San Diego Source – 1/7/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Columbia Profs: Incentivize Servicers to Modify Mortgages
Los Angeles Times Blog – 1/7/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

Pay Lenders to Stem Foreclosures: Report
Reuters – 1/7/2009
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Tomasz Piskorski

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New York, Boston Prices Expected to Fall Further
Wall Street Journal – 12/31/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

Low-Interest Mortgages Are the Answer
Wall Street Journal – 12/17/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

New $3 Trillion Bailout Is Coming to the Masses
Bloomberg – 12/15/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Obama Team Boosts Paulson Proposal to Spur U.S. Home Purchases
Bloomberg – 12/12/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Mortgage Finance Officials Defend Actions on Risky Loans
Voice of America – 12/10/2008
Professor Charles Calomoris

Washington’s New Tack: Helping Homeowners
The New York Times – 12/4/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

U.S. Eyes Plan to Lift Home Sales
Wall Street Journal – 12/4/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

Treasury’s 4.5 Percent Mortgage Plan Analyzed
NPR’s All Things Considered – 12/4/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

A New Proposal to Lower Mortgage Rates
American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report – 12/4/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

Treasury Weighs Plan To Cut U.S. Mortgage Rates
NPR’s Morning Edition – 12/4/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

Home Builders Make Plea for Federal Aid
Wall Street Journal – 11/24/2008
Professor Christopher Mayer

How Obama can energise the economy
Financial Times – 11/19/2008
By Dean Glenn Hubbard

7 Ways for Obama to Save the Housing Market
U.S. News and World Report – 11/14 2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard

A helping hand to homeowners
The Economist – 10/23/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer

First, Let's Stabilize Home Prices
Wall Street Journal – 10/2/2008
Dean Glenn Hubbard, Professor Christopher Mayer



Bubble Trouble? Not Likely
HERMES – Fall 2005
Professor Christopher Mayer, Professor Todd Sinai

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Adjunct Faculty

A group of 32 Columbia Business School real estate students and faculty members tour China, from luxury retail to street food.



  • 8/17/17:  Conor C. Flynn, President and CEO of Kimco Realty and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum is named #23 in Fortune's 40 Under 40.    
  • 6/23/17: Ric Clark, Chairman of Brookfield Property Group, is tapped to be chairman of the Downtown Alliance. 
  • 4/26/17: Commercial Observer names the following members of the MBA Real Estate Program Advisory Board among its "Power 100" of 2017: Jonathan Grey of Blackstone (#3), David Simon ’85 of Simon Property Group (#20), and Nicholas Bienstock ’96 of Savanna (#32).
  • 4/26/17: Commercial Observer names the following members of the Real Estate Forum among its "Power 100" of 2017: Jonathan Grey of Blackstone (#3), Ric Clark of Brookfield Property Partners (#8), Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Capital Group (#12), David Simon ’85 of Simon Property Group (#20), Owen D. Thomas of Boston Properties (#25), and Nicholas Bienstock ’96 of Savanna (#32).
  • 4/6/17: Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum Members Owen D. Thomas, CEO of Boston Properties and Jonathan GrayGlobal Head of Real Estate at Blackstone talk REIT logistics and strategy at NYU's REIT symposium (The REal Deal).  
  • 4/5/17: 4/5/17: Commerical Obsevrer names the following Real Estate Forum members among its "Finance 50" of 2017: Andrew Farkas of Island Capital Group (#30), and Richard Mack of Mack Real Estate Credit Strategies (#49). 
  • 3/1/17: Conor C. Flynn, President and CEO of Kimco Realty and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum talks about investors' skepticism as retail REITs experience an occupancy surge (Forbes). 
  • 12/23/16: Commercial Property Executive names Real Estate Forum Member Stephen Furnary, Chairman and CEO of Clarion Partners, Executive of the Year (Commercial Property Executive). 
  • 10/31/16: New York Private Bank & Trust and Emigrant Bank chairman Howard P. Milstein, CBS Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member, is granted the Chinese government's annual prestigious Marco Polo Award for his contribution to the exchange of international talents through his foundation (
  • 10/17/16: Ric Clark, Senior Managing Partner and Chairman of Brookfield Property Partners and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum is featured in Commercial Observer's Owners Magazine 2016. 
  • 10/1/16: Conor C. Flynn, President and CEO of Kimco Realty and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum talks about the new status, new era, and new issues facing REITs (The Real Deal). 
  • 7/22/16: Conor C. Flynn, President and CEO of Kimco Realty and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum talks about preparing Kimco for the future (
  • 7/1/16: Richard Mack, CEO and Founder of Mack Real Estate Group and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, comments on the growing number of real estate developers financing projects (The Real Deal). 
  • 6/9/16: Conor C. Flynn, President and CEO of Kimco Realty and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, joined for a CEO Spotlight video interview ( 
  • 5/25/16: Owen D. Thomas, CEO of Boston Properties and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, confirms Boston Properties' expansion into the Los Angeles real estate market with the Colorado Center office park in Santa Monica (CoStar). 
  • 5/10/16: Eric Adler, CEO of Pramerica Real Estate Investors and a member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, has announced that Prudential Real Estate Investors and Pramerica Real Estate Investors will now operate under the same name, PGIM Real Estate, after more than a decade of operating globally under two names (Property Magazine International). 
  • 5/5/16: Andrew L. Farkas, member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forumfolds C-III Realty into NAI Global to expand institutional sales and financing capabilites (CoStar). 
  • 5/4/16: Barry Sternlicht, member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, is profiled in Commercial Oberserver
  • 5/1/16: Richard Mack, member of the Columbia Business School Real Estate Forum, is featured in an article about New York City real estate families moving into the lending business. (The Real Deal). 
  • 4/20/16: Commercial Observer ranks the following MBA Real Estate Program Advisory Board members among its “Power 100” for 2016: Jonathan Gray of Blackstone (#1), Nicholas Bienstock ’96 of Savanna (#33), and Paul Pariser ’78 of Taconic Investment Partners (#42)
  • 4/20/16: Commercial Observer ranks the following Real Estate Forum members amount its “Power 100” for 2016: Jonathan Gray of Blackstone (#1), Jerry Speyer ’64 of Tishman Speyer (#8), Steven Roth of Vornado (#9), Barry Sternlicht of Starwood Property Trust (#17), Andrew Farkas of Island Capital Group (#20), Owen Thomas of Boston Properties (#29), and Paul Pariser ’78 of Taconic Investment Partners (#42) (Commercial Observer).
  • 3/23/16: Conor C. Flynn, Kimco Realty's President and CEO and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, is interviewed about the state of the company (Advisor Access).
  • 3/2/16: Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group and Starwood Property Trust and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, is featured in Commercial Observer's "Fab 50" Most Important Figures of Commercial Real Estate Finance. (Commerical Observer)
  • 2/19/16: Stephen Furnary, Chairman & CEO of Clarion Partners and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Estate Forum, is profiled for CPE's Executive of the Year Closeup (Commercial Property Executive). 
  • 2/17/16: Daniel Neidich, CEO, Dune Partners, discusses Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the 2016 race for the White House (Bloomberg).
  • 1/4/16: Conor C. Flynn of Kimco Realty, a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, was recently appointed to Kimco Realty's Board of Directors and promoted to CEO. 
  • 10/28/15 & 10/27/15: With John Klopp and Olivier de Poulpiquet ’94 at the helm of Morgan Stanley's real estate unit, the firm makes a comeback (The Real Deal and Wall Street Journal).
  • 10/28/15 & 10/27/15: Tanger Factory Outlet Centers announced the election of David B. Henry, a Columbia Real Estate Forum Member who will retire on January 1, 2016 from his current role as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Kimco Realty Corporation, to its Board of Directors effective January 1, 2016 (Chain Store Age and PRNewswire).
  • 10/24/15: The New York Landmarks Conservancy will honor Dan Neidich of Dune Real Estate Partners and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum at the 22nd Living Landmarks Celebration on November 5 (
  • 10/23/15: Jonathan More ’09 of Mission Capital Advisors commented on the 88 University Place deal which his firm brokered for Richard Mack, Law ’93 of Mack Real Estate Credit Strategies and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum (Commercial Observer).
  • 10/12/15: Owen D. Thomas of Boston Properties, and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, will serve as a judge on the awards jury for the Urban Land Institute New York Awards for Excellence in Development, a new event recognizing exemplary land use projects that raise the bar for design, planning and sustainability (Real Estate Weekly).
  • 10/6/15: Boston Properties, a real estate investment trust, announced that it will participate in the Evercore ISI 2015 Real Estate Conference in New York City on October 8, 2015 with Owen D. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, serving as a panelist on a panel discussion titled “Office–Are Real Estate Values Ahead of Fundamentals?” (MarketWatch).
  • 9/30/15: Eric Adler, a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum and Chief Executive Officer of Pramerica Real Estate Investors, commented on his firm's partnership with QInvest to launch a Shari’ah compliant real estate fund (CPI Financial).
  • 9/17/15: Steven Roth, a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum and chairman of the board and chief executive officer at Vornado Realty Trust, recounted his early career and shared the lessons of his success in the real estate business (Crain's).
  • 8/6/15: Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing (MSREI) Co-CEO & CIO's, John Klopp and Olivier de Poulpiquet ’94, commented on raising over one billion dollars for its G8 global real estate fund (Insurance Asset Risk).
  • 7/14/15: In commemoration of the FDNY's 150th anniversary, Howard P. Milstein, chairman of Milstein Properties and Emigrant Savings Bank, paid tribute to "New York's Bravest" at Emigrant Savings Bank Headquarters (Sys-Con Media).
  • 6/4/15: On June 10, 2015, Owen D. Thomas of Boston Properties, and a member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, will participate in a roundtable presentation at the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts’ REITWeekTM Investor Forum (Finances International).
  • 5/20/15: William and Richard Mack of Mack Real Estate Group, both Columbia Real Estate Forum members, were was among five hundred leaders in the real estate community who gathered for the UJA-Federation of New York’s annual Real Estate Luncheon to honor Arnold, Kenneth, Steven, and Winston Fisher of Fisher Brothers (Real Estate Weekly).
  • 4/21/15: Columbia Real Estate Forum members, Steven Roth of Vornado Realty Trust and Andrew Farkas of Island Capital Group, participated on a panel as part of a forum hosted by the China General Chamber of Commerce at Bloomberg LP’s headquarters in New York, with Farkas serving as moderator (The Real Deal).
  • 4/13/15: Daniel Neidich, a member of both the Columbia Real Estate Forum and MBA Real Estate Program Advisory Board and chief executive officer at Dune Real Estate Partners, discusses Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and how she can connect with voters (Bloomberg Business).
  • 4/7/15: Steven Roth, Real Estate Forum member and Vornado Realty Trust chief executive, believes a little TLC could substantially increase the rents in Penn Plaza and that area’s revitalization will be a principle focus for Vornado for the next couple of years (Wall Street Journal).
  • 3/25/15: The Cornell School of Hotel Administration will honor Barry S. Sternlicht, chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group and member of the Columbia Real Estate Forum, as the recipient of the Cornell Icon of the Industry Award at the 7th Annual Cornell Hospitality Icon & Innovator Awards on June 2, 2015 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City (Hospitality Net).
  • 3/10/15: Real Estate Forum member Steven Roth of Vornado Realty Trust says his company’s most undervalued asset is urban retail (Wall Street Journal).
  • 2/24/15: Real Estate Forum member Owen D. Thomas of Boston Properties will participate in a roundtable discussion at the Citi 2015 Global Property CEO Conference on March 3, 2015 (HeraldOnline).
  • 2/1/14: Real Estate Forum member Richard J. Mack, Law ’93 is Closing profile of the month (The Real Deal).
  • 6/17/13: Former adjunct faculty Robert Lieber to chair ULI New York.
  • 5/6/13: Following Paul Milstein’s example, son Howard P. Milstein successfully applies private-sector thinking to the business of government with bid process for Tappan Zee Bridge (Crain’s).
  • 4/19/13: Regional Plan Association honors Howard P. Milstein, CBS Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member, with Lifetime Leadership Award.
  • 2/5/13: Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member J. Allen Smith shares his perspective on real estate investments (ULI).
  • 12/19/12: Thruway Board Chairman Howard P. Milstein, CBS Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member, announces contractor approval for the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement at a far lower cost than initially estimated.
  • 12/3/12: Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member J. Allen Smith discusses the fiscal cliff and other current real estate issues on the Closing Bell.
  • 11/27/12: Congratulations to Howard P. Milstein, Real Estate Forum member and MBA Real Estate Advisory Board member, for being recognized as Donor of the Day by the Wall Street Journal for generously aiding more than 2,000 first responders who were impacted by Sandy.

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