Faculty & Research 

The Center supports a comprehensive research platform. Our affiliated faculty and researchers study important real estate topics that reach far beyond the classroom to academics, policy makers, investors, and leading practitioners. The Center’s research is cutting edge and timely with faculty frequently being called on for their expertise on topics such as wealth inequality, government and household debt relief, evaluation of urban real estate, and the future of cities. Some other areas of research conducted under the auspices of the Center include housing and mortgage markets; real estate and business cycles; real estate lending and securitization; asset pricing; and global real estate.

Published Center-affiliated faculty research is made possible by strong and varied research support, including full-time staff associates of research, a dedicated research computing environment, and large proprietary datasets including for example, credit reports and a complete history of US property records. Each supporting element enhances research productivity and advances recognition of the Center as a thought leader in real estate.

Additionally, the Center has supported the development of nearly 100 teaching cases, and faculty regularly collaborate with the Columbia CaseWorks program, to develop new cases for the real estate curriculum, many of which are available for use by other universities. 

The Paul Milstein Center supports doctoral students including scholars from Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, and the London School of Economics.


Contributing Researchers

  • Ivo de Wit ’17, Senior Fellow, Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate, Adjunct Faculty  
  • M. Leanne Lachman, Executive in Residence
  • Christopher J. Mayer, Paul Milstein Professor of Real Estate, Finance, and Economics; Faculty Director, Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate
  • Tomasz Piskorski, Edward S. Gordon Associate Professor of Real Estate
  • Lynne Sagalyn, Earle W. Kazis and Benjamin Schore Professor Emerita of Real Estate
  • Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Earle W. Kazis and Benjamin Schore Professor of Real Estate