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Fostering the exchange of ideas across academia, industry, government, and the broader public.

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“The last few years have taught us that business leaders can’t afford to stay on the sidelines when it comes to world events. Today’s challenges are increasingly complex and require greater collaboration across stakeholders. The Hub, which will bring academia, industry, government, non-profits, and the broader public together, is an essential part of combatting these challenges, and, ultimately, driving true change and impact.”

- Oded Netzer, Vice Dean for Research and Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Business, Columbia Business School

Our Mission

The Hub is Columbia Business School's new think tank that explores the most pressing issues shaping the world today. It is centered in the belief that solving the most vexing questions requires the collaboration of scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and the broader public. Through research, events, curriculum, and community, The Hub will equip current and future business leaders with the tools necessary to bring about positive change.

We believe that the current societal climate necessitates timely attention and action and that there is an immense opportunity for businesses and policymakers to make a meaningful difference. 

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Our Current Focus

The theme for The Hub's inaugural term is Business and Society, selected because of the important role that the business world, in general, and business schools, in particular, play in society. Organizations have created tremendous innovation and economic opportunity for all of us, but key questions remain. How can that opportunity be shared? What role should businesses play in societal issues? 

The Hub aims to encourage fresh thinking about critical areas, including the Future of Capitalism, Business, AI, and Democracy (BAID), and innovation for the betterment of society.

Our Initiatives

Future of Capitalism

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At least four forces are pushing for new ideas about capitalism and many potential areas of inquiry arise from these pressures, including: changes in the economic environment; the roles of investors in influencing business decision-making; effects of social movements on business decision-making; and actions by individual firms or groups of firms to address climate change.


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Democracy is widely believed to be necessary for the sustainability of markets and market reforms that encourage investment and innovation. Democracies are living in a moment of crisis. Business is not isolated from these trends. This initiative will explore the impact of social and traditional media, government regulation, misinformation, and new and emerging technologies on democracy.

Think Bigger Innovations

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Large businesses and companies recognize and acknowledge the need to innovate, but often struggle with corporate entrepreneurship at scale. Think Bigger Innovations will address this issue, particularly around innovations with societal benefits. As part of this initiative, S.T. Lee Professor of Business Sheena Iyengar, in collaboration with Shiva Rajgopal, will run The Think Bigger Summit, an annual (or bi-annual) forum.

Our Faculty

Faculty from across divisions and disciplines at Columbia Business School and the broader University will work together to address major societal issues through books, research, curriculum development, keynote events, new frameworks and tools, and more.

Our Partners

The Hub is part of Columbia Business School’s broader effort to address societal issues like climate change and social enterprise through our Centers and Programs, including The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise.

Photo of Professor R. Glenn Hubbard

R. Glenn Hubbard

Director, Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business

Dean Emeritus; Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics, Economics Division

Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar

S. T. Lee Professor of Business, Management Division

Gita Johar

Gita Johar

Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business , Marketing Division

Bruce Kogut

Bruce Kogut

Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Management Division

Competitive Strategy Affiliated Faculty

Oded Netzer

Oded Netzer

Vice Dean for Research, Dean's Office

Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Business, Marketing Division

Andrea Prat

Andrea Prat

Richard Paul Richman Professor of Business, Economics Division

Competitive Strategy Affiliated Faculty

Andrey Simonov

Andrey Simonov

Gary Winnick and Martin Granoff Associate Professor of Business, Marketing Division

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