Columbia Business School alumni are leaders in social enterprise. They launch and run socially responsible businesses, serve as directors on boards of nonprofits, help fund socially responsible startups through social venture capital and venture philanthropy, and bring sound management practices to the social and business sectors. The range of industries and sectors where social enterprise issues arise can be seen in selected profiles:

Manmeet Kaur '12: Community Health Partner

Mary Jane McQuillen '07: Sustainable investor

Rebecca Thomas '04: Nonprofit Finance and Management

Carolyn Hack '05: Charter School Financial Manager

Keith Timko '02: Strengthening Nonprofit Leadership

Laura Goodman '03: Public-private Partnerships

Ben Thomases '03: Social-purpose Business

Mark Kleger '02: Business Skills for the Education Sector

Rani Deshpande '03: International Microfinance

Sarah Polen '00: International Development Projects

Noha Waibsnaider '02: Sustainable Business Models

Becky Koch '99: Community Development Lender

Dan Nissenbaum '88: Community Development Finance

Janet Kamin '89: Pro Bono Consulting Projects

Eric Borremans '92: Socially Responsible Investing

Olger Twyner '90: Community Service

Miriam Katowitz '74: CFO for Nonprofit Organizations

Karen Gottlieb '85: Nonprofit Healthcare

Wolfgang Huber '91: Hospital Management

Jose Fourquet '96: International Development Banking

Brian Roseboro '83: Contributing Via Public Service

Elias Lizardo '90: Minister for Health

Social Enterprise Alumni Profiles