The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise’s Alumni Ambassadors Network helps alumni to connect with fellow alumni working in the social enterprise space and to discuss relevant issues in their area of expertise.

If you would like to join a network, suggest topics for discussion, or recommend speakers, please email us with the following information:

  • Interest group
  • Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Columbia Business School Graduation Year
  • Please provide a brief bio and be sure to include relevant information for your area of interest.
  • LinkedIn Profile URL

Join a network

Arts Management Network  →

Musicians playing

Careers in Social Enterprise Network  →

Person in a pink tshirt in a classroom setting with young children

International Development Network  →

Three people having a discussion

Microfinance Network  →

Three people sitting over a large mixing bowl

Clean Energy Network →

Wind turbines against blue sky

Nonprofit Boards Network →

Boardroom with seats around long conference table

Community Development and Real Estate Network →

South Bronx aerial view

Pangea Advisors Network →

Group of people standing around a phone

Education Network →

Teacher standing in classroom while students raise their hands

Resource Development Network →

Two hands shaking one another

EMBA Alumni Global Advisory Network →

Person in classroom with chin resting on hand while holding a pen

Finance and Social Enterprise Network →

Large globe set against tall skyscraper

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Ventures Network →
Logos of various social ventures

Healthcare and Social Enterprise Network →


Technology and Social Enterprise Network →

Young girl holding a cell phone to take a picture


Images: Arts Management: Amy Simpson; Clean Energy Network: Thomas Merton; Finance and Social Enterprise Network: Stig Nygaard; Healthcare and Social Enterprise Network: Andy Skovsen; Nonprofit Boards Network: The Drake Hotel Chicago; Resource Development Network: Álvaro Canivell