Group of students standing on farmland near a green tractor

Columbia MBA and EMBA students build on their desire to make a difference with innovative ideas and business skills gained through a variety of social enterprise elective courses. Through coursework and cocurricular activities, students learn directly from leading academics in the field, as well as the many practitioners of social enterprise who come to campus as adjunct professors, guest lecturers, and panelists.

Instructors supplement lectures with a variety of teaching techniques that expose students to roles encountered by leaders and managers in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, including team projects, case studies, guest speakers, and pro bono consulting projects.

One of the great strengths of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise is that it is an interdivisional program—many of its courses are drawn from or developed within other divisions of the School. In the online course selection guide and in the teaching schedule, students will find electives listed under such divisions as Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Operations, as well as under Social Enterprise.

Select courses may also be open for Columbia graduate and undergraduate seniors. For more information, please see the cross-registration page, which includes an online application link.

View the Social Enterprise Career & Course Map (pdf) which lists other recommended courses as well as the social enterprise courses below, and links courses to social enterprise career areas.

B8265 Modern Political Economy

Instructors: Glenn Hubbard and Tano Santos

B8585 Bridging the American Divides (2 sections)

Instructors: Todd Jick and Bruce Usher

B8584 REAP (ReEntry Acceleration Program): Reforming Mass Incarceration and the Role of Business

Instructor: Damon Phillips

B8580 REAP (ReEntry Acceleration Program) Immersion

Instructor: Sandra Navalli

B7223 Globalization and Markets and the Changing Economic Landscape (EMBA)

Instructors: Joseph Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald

B8784 Business and Society: Reconciling Shareholder and Stakeholder Interests

Instructor: R. Glenn Hubbard

B8201 Climate Change and the Energy Transition

Instructor: Gernot Wagner

B8107 Service Operations Management

Instructor: Medini Singh

B8349 Finance and Sustainability

Instructor: Bruce Usher

B8363 Climate Finance

Instructor: Bruce Usher

B8320 Climate Tech

Instructor: Bruce Usher

B8212 Climate Policy

Instructor: Gernot Wagner

B8355 Impact Investing

Instructors: Bruce Usher

B8767 Investing in Social Ventures

Instructors: Bruce Usher and Vikas Raj

B7557 Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century (EMBA)

Instructor: Georgia Levenson Keohane

B8526 Challenges in Launching and Growing Social Ventures

Instructors: William O'Farrell and Julius Mokrauer

B8544 The Nonprofit Sector & the City

Instructor: Douglas Bauer

B8543 Effective Philanthropy in Urban Communities

Instructor: Douglas Bauer

B8573 Global Philanthropy

Instructor: Melissa Berman

B8545 High Performing Nonprofits

Instructor: Amy Houston

B8558 Education Leadership

Instructor: David Rosenberg

B8547 Public-Sector Structural Reform in K-12 Education

Instructor: James Liebman

B8458 Seminar In Wealth Management: Investing For Family Offices, Endowments, and Foundations

Instructors: Kristin Gilbertson and Andrew Gundlach

B8468 ESG Equity Investing

Instructor: Mark Zurack

B8027 Challenges in Measurement & Disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance Data

Instructor: Thomas Bourveau

B8428 Social Impact Real Estate

Instructor: Blair Smith

B8527 Social Venture Incubator

Instructor: Joy Fairbanks

B8118 Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare Services

Instructor: Ashley Swanson

B8452 Project Finance: Principles and Application to Emerging Markets

Instructor: Paul Clifford