Social Enterprises Conference, Capital for Good

Kicking off each academic year, the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, in partnership with student clubs across the campus, hosts Columbia University’s annual social enterprise conference, "Capital for Good," bringing together industry leaders, professionals, academics, students, and alumni to share best practices and engender new ideas surrounding the intersection of business and society.

The business and investor community once questioned whether it could afford to prioritize social impact. The consensus is now clear — how can businesses afford not to? The Millennial and Gen Z generations are driving trends in impact investing, using their purchasing power to demand change, and seeking employers that are socially conscious. As a result, funders and the organizations they invest in are directing their attention not only to the bottom line, but also to how business and financing models can be aligned to positively contribute to society.

This headline event, located in the finance capital of the world, provides a unique opportunity to tap into the vibrant ecosystem of capital for impact through the lens of philanthropy, impact investing, ESG, and social ventures.

Social impact leaders in business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropy speak to how they are changing the way we think about how capital is sourced and used to generate sustainable solutions to global, systemic challenges. Hear where opportunities exist to pursue future careers of impact on both the financing and implementation sides of social impact capital.

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Impact Investment E-book

Social Investment Managers & Advisors (SIMA) partnered with the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and MetLife to showcase work that has been done in the impact investing sector. Instead of a theoretical discussion, we took a practical approach to learn from investors with direct impact investing experience. This e-booklet highlights institutional investors that have been active in the impact investing space by showcasing how they became involved, the scale of their engagement, and lessons learned in the process. Download the e-book.

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