Columbia Business School students interested in the capital for good spectrum have a range of courses to select from that cover ESG to philanthropy.

Capital for Good Spectrum

Case Studies

Case studies on capital for good can be found here.

Course Listing

  • B8468 ESG Equity Investing
  • B8027 Challenges in Measurement & Disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance Data
  • B8423 Investor Influence on Corporate Sustainability
  • B8458 Seminar In Wealth Management: Investing For Family Offices, Endowments And Foundations
  • B8448 The Business Of Climate Change: Investing And Managing In A Changing Environment
  • B8349 Finance and Sustainability
  • B8363 Climate Finance
  • B8355 Impact Investing Seminar
  • B8362 Project Finance
  • B7360 Impacting Investing (EMBA)
  • B8428 Social Impact Real Estate
  • B8767 Investing in Social Ventures
  • B7557 Social Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century (EMBA)
  • B8543 Effective Philanthropy in Urban Communities
  • B8573 Global Philanthropy

More information about course listings can be foundĀ here.