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Tools and Guides for Hiring Formerly Incarcerated People (FIPs) and People With a Criminal Record

Training & Support

What is the Business Case for Hiring From This Talent Pool?

What Have Other Employers Experienced When Hiring From This Talent Pool?

How Do I Select a Reliable Background Screening Company?

What Are the Concerns Around Negligent Hiring?

Understanding Race in the Mass Incarceration Crisis

Bias and Presumption of Guilt


Prosecution and Sentencing

Imprisonment and Detention

Reentry and Employment

Volunteer Opportunities

Osborne Association — Mock-Interview Preparation

Take part in a 60-minute orientation and facilitate mock interviews with Osborne members involved in the organization's career center.

Hour Children — Reentry Mentorship (Women)

Be listeners, guides and role models to Hour Women as they navigate the many challenges of their return home.

Parole Preparation Project — Parole Prep Volunteers

Train and work with parole applicants to develop comprehensive release plans, create compelling advocacy materials, and practice interviewing skills.

Court Watch — Court Watchers Program

Train and observe court proceedings, in order to report and enable greater accountability in the criminal legal system.

Justice Through Code — Mentorship Program

Support JTC students to further develop their technical skillset and exposure to the various specialization areas within tech.

Solitary Watch — Lifelines to Solitary Pen Pal Project

Receive training on guidelines for maintaining healthy correspondence, and ongoing advice on building relationships with people in solitary through letters, cards, and a special print newsletter, reminding them that they have not been forgotten by the outside world.