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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

March 2023

BlocPower Raises Funding to Expand Green Building Retrofits
Bloomberg, March 1, 2023
Climate tech startup BlocPower, founded by Donnel Baird '13, raised nearly $150 million in its latest round of fundraising — including over $24 million in equity funding and $130 million in debt financing — to retrofit tens of thousands of apartments with climate-friendly appliances in NYC. The venture focuses on greening America's buildings by building decarbonization in low-income communities.

Black Women in Tech: Guava Founder Kelly Ifill on How Black Women Can Increase Wealth Through Entrepreneurship
Ebony, March 1, 2023
“I watched family members build profitable businesses, but also heard conversations about the challenges that they're facing, like getting denied for a loan when you've had a 20-year relationship with the bank.” In this interview, Kelly Ifill '17, discusses how she is closing the racial wealth gap through digital bank Guava, a community platform designed to serve Black entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with equitable financial products.

February 2023

NYC’s Shadow Transit Network Seeks a Greener Future
Bloomberg, February 28, 2023
A $10 million grant will help the rideshare app Dollaride — a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portoflio member — "electrify its fleet of dollar vans, which shuttle thousands of commuters living far from bus or subway stops."

Erica Ford Curbs Gun Violence in NYC with Her Big Orange Peacemobile: 'We're There Before the 911 Calls'
People Magazine, February 24, 2023
Erica Ford, Senior Leaders for Nonprofit Professionals participant in 2023, is profiled for her impactful work creating LIFE Camp Inc, a nonprofit in Queens that provides youth and families that have been impacted by violence the valuable tools they need to stay in school and out of the criminal justice system.

Bill Gates and Professors at Top Universities Agree: The Future Belongs to Those Who Master AI Like ChatGPT
Business Insider, February 23, 2023
Professor Dan Wang told Business Insider that he believes that "a familiarity with AI will be an essential skill in the future." He encourages his students to "use ChatGPT to do their homework. I have one requirement: they just tell me that they use it, and specifically how they use it."

Laidlaw Scholars Ventures Invests $650K in Guava to Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap
Cision PR Newswire, February 21, 2023
Laidlaw Scholars Ventures invested $650K in Guava, a digital banking and networking platform founded by Kelly Ifill '17. The digital bank, created by and for Black entrepreneurs, helps narrow the racial wealth gap in the United States.

Private Equity Firms Seek Piece of the Impact Investment Action
Financial Times, February 20, 2023
"The returns on renewable energy projects [such as wind and solar] are pretty low these days, partly because they are very low risk [...] Some of these sectors, like renewable energy, have become so successful that it becomes challenging to get those returns," says Professor Bruce Usher, as he weighs in on how interest in impact investing has increased, posing a challenge for private equity firms seeking to deliver outsized returns.

‘Climate Tech Is in a Boom Right Now,’ Says NGO Leader
Columbia Business School, February 10, 2023
Nathaniel Keohane, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), visited Columbia Business School for a discussion on climate change policy and action as part of the first installment of “A Climate of Change: Stories from Climate Leaders on the Front Lines” series. While on campus, Keohane discussed with Danny Wagemans '23 the technicalities behind how the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law in 2022, the future of nuclear power, and what is ahead for young people entering the climate and sustainability field.

Our City Could Become One of the World’s Greenest, But It Won’t Be Easy
The New York Times, February 7, 2023
New York City’s buildings are responsible for over 70 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, most generated on site. Gernot Wagner, senior lecturer and climate economist, writes in this guest essay about how other cities will be closely watching the city's aggressive transition to cut emissions and achieve net-zero by 2050.

MBA Students Chose CARE’s HerSkills as Recipient of $110,000 in Unique Partnership with Lever for Change: More to Come in 2023
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, February 1, 2023
In a unique partnership between Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, MacArthur Foundation-affiliate Lever for Change, and the center, MBA students will apply classroom learning to award over $100,000 to a nonprofit. The Global Philanthropy course — taught by adjunct professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors — teaches students how to assess contenders from top proposals submitted for 100&Change and other global competition prizes.

January 2023

Academic Research Award: Tipping Point for Action
Financial Times, January 15, 2023
Professor Vanessa Burbano's paper — on the effect an employer's stance about a social/political issue has on employee motivation — was included in the highly commended section of the Responsible Business Education Awards.

At Columbia’s $600 Million Business School, Time to Rethink Capitalism
The New York Times, January 5, 2023
"The broader concern with the world is well integrated into core courses, and we have six electives on climate change alone... students are more desirable hires with this background.” Professor Bruce Usher weighs in on how the architecture of our new Manhattanville campus reflects the School's integration of social concerns like climate change, the role of business in society, and its community commitments.

Electrifying ‘Dollar Vans’ to Boost Livelihoods and Cut Carbon in New York’s Transit Deserts
ImpactAlpha, January 5, 2023
“We want the drivers in the industry to have the best equipment and technology because oftentimes our communities don’t get what is the best,” says Su Sanni, co-founder of Dollaride, a Tamer fund for Social Ventures rideshare tech startup. Dollaride is spearheading the Clean Transit Access Program with a $10M grant from NYSERDA to electrify at least 100 dollar vans across NYC neighborhoods neglected by mass transit. Climate tech company BlocPower, founded by Donnel Baird '13, will finance the program.

MBA Programs Must Adapt to Navigate American Culture Wars
Worth, January 3, 2023
"Coursework on Corporate Strategy used to be very much finance-focused, but here at Columbia, we have added non-quantifiable issues to the mix," says Professor Dan Wang, on how the School has altered its curriculum to address social and political issues.

December 2022

2022 Most Disruptive MBA Startups: Sortile, Columbia Business School
Poets & Quants, December 16, 2022
Constanza Gomez ’22, co-founder of Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member Sortile, discussed how her MBA helped her develop the venture, which provides technology to textile sorters so that they can identify the fiber composition of clothing and sell it to fiber-to-fiber recyclers.

Global Bank Executive Moonlights as Owner of a Social Enterprise Restaurant
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 13, 2022
April Tam Smith '10, founder of Times Square restaurant PS Kitchen, was profiled for the restaurant's commitment to hiring staff from marginalized communities in NYC. All profits are donated to charities.

Columbia Business Magazine Winter/Spring 2023
Columbia Business Magazine, December 7, 2022
In addition to profiles of the leaders shaping the fight against climate change, this issue explores a range of critical topics, including financing the transition to net zero, Europe’s energy crisis, ESG, and climate measurement and modeling.

Time: Dreamer of the Year
TIME, December 8, 2022
Donnel Baird '13, founder and CEO of BlocPower, was named TIME's Dreamer of the Year. The climate technology company works to create more efficient affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods and generate jobs.

Kheyti: The Earthshot Prize
Earthshot Prize, December 3, 2022
Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio company Kheyti, co-founded by Kaushik Kappagantulu '17, was selected as the winner of Prince William's Earthshot Prize in the category of "Protect And Restore Nature." Kheyti is changing the lives of small-hold farmers in India through its "Greenhouse-in-a-Box," which provides shelter from unpredictable elements and pests."

November 2022

Author Talks: An Investor’s Guide to the Net-zero Transition
McKinsey Global Publishing: Author Talks, November 23, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher explains the investment opportunities that will arise as demand for climate solutions propels business into a new era of sustainability.

Investing in the Era of Climate Change: A Conversation With Professor Bruce Usher
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, November 18, 2022
On the School's Bizcast podcast, host Fahad Ahmed '17 spoke with Professor Bruce Usher on his new book, which outlines the risks and opportunities for investors from climate change, and how current students and alumni are addressing major environmental challenges.

Tech Entrepreneur Shaping a Truly Circular Economy
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, November 12, 2022
Carolyn Butler ’18, co-founder of Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio venture Manymoons (formerly Borobabi), talks about creating a blueprint for the first truly circular business model in the US apparel industry.

Bystanders No More, America’s CEOs Must Pay Attention to Societal Divides
Fortune November 7, 2022
Professors Bruce Usher and Todd Jick co-wrote this piece on how business leaders must "understand [societal divides] at the starting point, accept the responsibility to consider the impacts of their decisions on the divides, and seek creative and constructive dialogue" about alternatives.

Open Society’s Impact Investment Fund Names New CEO
Open Society Foundations, November 7, 2022
Adjunct professor Georgia Levenson Keohane was named CEO of the Soros Economic Development Fund, the impact investment arm at Open Society Foundations. Georgia, a leader in ESG investing, is the host of our Capital for Good podcast.

Earthshot Prize - Kheyti
Earthshot Prize, November 3, 2022
Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio company Kheyti, co-founded by Kaushik Kappagantulu '17, is a 2022 finalist for the Earthshot Prize, which is "awarded to five winners each year for their contributions to environmentalism." Kheyti is changing the lives of small-hold farmers in India through its "Greenhouse-in-a-Box," which provides shelter from unpredictable elements and pests.

October 2022

Dealbook Newsletter
New York Times Dealbook, October 21, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher discusses the importance of ESG and the rise of climate finance in the October 21 edition of the New York Times's Dealbook.

S. Mona Sinha Appointed Next Global Executive Director of Equality Now
Equality Now, October 12, 2022
"The vision of Equality Now to ensure that all women and girls the world over enjoy equal rights under the law is a vision I know we must achieve. In a world that is shifting away from this vision, our work is even more critical to ensure that women and their communities can thrive. I am deeply humbled to lead an extraordinary team to make legal and lived equality a reality." Center advisory board member S. Mona Sinha '93 was appointed global executive director of Equality Now, which aligns her passion for gender equality with her corporate sector experience.

The 2022 Nonprofit Power 100
City & State, October 3, 2022
We're thrilled to see Phoebe Boyer '93, president and CEO of Children’s Aid; Alison Overseth '84, CEO of Partnership for After School Education; and Ben Thomases '03, executive director of Queens Community House, part of the top 100 public officials, philanthropic leaders, and nonprofit executives leading the sector in NYC.

September 2022

EcoPlum Joins 85 Organizations on a Vision for a Global Plastics Treaty
Cision PR Newswire, September 23, 2022
Sustainable products company EcoPlum, where Gia Machlin, '91BUS, '87SEAS, is president, joined 85 organizations endorsing a common vision for a Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution.

Columbia Business School Is Giving MBA Students More of What They Want: Tech and ESG Classes
Fortune, September 21, 2022
"[W]e’ve seen significant growth and student interest in are courses in entrepreneurship and innovation and the issue of business and society," says Dean Costis Maglaras in a recent interview about the School's curriculum, trends, and goals, which are focused on the center's mission of addressing society's biggest problems using business principles and business models.

Business Schools Are Beginning to Embrace Stakeholder Inclusion
Bloomberg, September 19, 2022
The center has explored important topics like stakeholder capitalism, social enterprise, and the role of business in society for nearly 40 years, and Bloomberg Businessweek recently noted "Columbia Business School has set an ambitious goal to become the nation’s top generator of leadership in the burgeoning field of social entrepreneurship."

2022 MBA To Watch: Efosa Uwaifo, Columbia Business School
Poets & Quants, September 11, 2022
Efosa Uwaifo '22 says he chose CBS because it "was undergoing a cultural transformation from being a finance-focused school to one focused on social issues such as climate change and economic and social inequality. I wanted to solve the most important problems in the world, and this was a school that promised to help me do just that."

He also says that participating as a Three Cairns Fellow — where he had the opportunity to work with a nonprofit and build a case to help farmers in Kenya access accurate weather date to improve farming activity — helped emphasize to him "that every part of the world is impacted by others, and borders are now just a physical phenomenon."

August 2022

Removing Friction in Climate Finance
The Hill, August 26, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher contributed this op-ed on the climate finance problem. 

Investing in the Era of Climate Change
Columbia Business School, August 19, 2022
In this video, Professor Bruce Usher discusses his new book, which looks at the risks and opportunities for investors as the world tackles the challenge of climate change.

Kinara Capital Raises Rs 380 Crore in Funding Led by Investment Manager Nuveen 
The Economic Times, August 19, 2022
Kinara Capital, founded by Hardika Shah '09, raised Rs 380 crore in a "fresh equity round" led by Nuveen, a global investment manager. 

Gates Foundation Adds Gayle, Dhawan as Independent Trustees
The Washington Post, August 19, 2022
Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), reflected on a decision by the Gates Foundation to add between two and three new trustees at one time. 

Walmart Expands Abortion Coverage for Employees
The Washington Post | AP, August 19, 2022
Professor Vanessa Burbano discussed Walmart's decision to expand its abortion policy.

Climate Bill Could Create 1,000 New Companies, Says Head of Investment at Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures
CNBC, August 17, 2022
Donnel Baird '13, founder and CEO of BlocPower, discussed the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act. He told CNBC that the new bill "dramatically lowers the cost to building owners and homeowners of clean energy upgrades. It creates a new Green Bank to provide flexible capital to clean energy projects that Wall Street can leverage.”

Mayor Adams Reappoints James Hendon as Commissioner of NYC Department of Veterans' Services
NYC Gov, August 16, 2022
James Hendon '12 was reappointed as commissioner of the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services by NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

This Former Meat Company Is Now Making Vegan Ribeye Streak Beacuse it's More Sustainable
VegNews, August 15, 2022
Beyond Meat, founded by Ethan Brown '08, recently launched Misteak, a plant-based version of the convention whole cut of beef. Beyond Meat recently released its own whole cut product, a vegan steak. 

Greening Your Home Will Be Cheaper, but Expect Growing Pains
The New York Times, August 12, 2022
Gernot Wagner, senior lecturer and climate economist, says that going green will be cheaper in the long run but to expect some obstacles along the way."

Biden Signs PACT Act Into Law, Expands Healthcare for Veterans Suffering From Toxic Burn Pits
SI Live, August 10, 2022
James Hendon '12, recently reappointed New York City Department of Veterans’ Services Commissioner by Mayor Eric Adams, was quoted on the impact of PACT Act of 2022, "This historic bipartisan achievement will finally treat toxic exposure as a cost of war by expanding access to health care and disability benefits to veterans of all generations — from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.” 

Projects and Legislation Against Militant Companies in the US Grow
News Release, August 9, 2022
Professor Vanessa Burbano is quoted in this piece on legislation targeting "corporate militancy" in the US. 

306. A New Playbook for Empowering Boards: The Story of Women Moving Millions - Mona Sinha
We Are for Good Podcast, August 9, 2022
Center advisory board member S. Mona Sinha '93 was interviewed for this podcast episode about how to empower a community of women, utilize the nonprofit board chair, and "drive social change." 

The Baby Formula Shortage Isn’t Over and Ending it May ‘Take a While’ — Here’s a Timeline
CNBC, August 2, 2022
Shazi Visram '04, founder of Happy Family Brands, is quoted from an earlier segment she participated in on CNBC: “It’s kind of like a perfect storm of so many terrible things happening and No. 1, should never have happened in the first place and we could have absolutely prevented it.” 

Climate Bill Said to Put Emission Goals in ‘Striking Distance’
Roll Call, August 1, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher is quoted in this article on the potential passage of the House Inflation Reduction Act by the Senate discussing the EV market: "The proposed tax credit will make electric vehicles more affordable to a mass audience, accelerating the adoption rate at the critical point when EVs are moving from early adopters to the mass market."

Senior lecturer Gernot Wagner is also quoted, asserting the Inflation Reduction Act, “is 100% accurate: Clean energy investments are anti-inflationary. The remedy for ‘fossilflation’ is to get off fossil fuels.”

July 2022

Investing in the Era of Climate Change
Financial History, Summer 2022
"Climate scientists have been sounding the alarm about the need for investment to reduce greenhouse has emissions." To mitigate climate change with collective action, financial leaders need to invest in the era of climate change. Professor Bruce Usher says that we need to understand recent trends such as the physical risks, technological innovation, and evolving social norms. Read more on pages 22-23.

Construction's Branding Problem Can be Solved With a Technology Focus
ENR (Engineering News-Record), July 28, 2022
Blocpower, founded and led by Donnel Baird '13, is featured in this article as an industry leader "empowering underserved communities to engage in the construction industry." 

Fintech Guava Raises $2.4M to Provide Banking Services to Black small-business Owners
TechCrunch, July 26, 2022
Kelly Ifill '17 founded and serves as CEO of Guava, a digital bank and community platform designed to support Black entrepreneurs and small business owners. Guava recently announced it closed a pre-seed investment worth $2.4 million. 

Business Schools Start to Address Sustainability
MBA Chic, July 25, 2022
Sandra Navalli '03, managing director of the center, and Priya Prasad '22 discuss the importance of integrating climate change discussions into business school coursework and programs.

Methane and Feed Trials Under Way at ABP's Bromstead Farm
The Scottish Farmer, July 16, 2022
Tamer Fund for Social Venture portfolio company ZELP is featured as a solution "to measure and filter methane on individual animals" in this article on the ABP research farm, Bromstead, in Shropshire.

Climate Response Will 'Change the World Over the Next 75 Years,' Columbia Business School Dean Says
Yahoo! Finance | Influencers With Andy Serwer, July 4, 2022
Dean Costis Maglaras discussed the School's climate change curriculum.

Eat Offbeat Brings Flavors of Senegal, Sri Lanka, Syria and More to Chelsea Market
Gothamist, July 2, 2022
Tamer Fund for Social Venture portfolio member, Eat Offbeat, celebrated the opening of its Chelsea Market location at the end of June. Co-founder and CEO and Manal Kahi, '15SIPA, is quoted, "We are a team of refugees and immigrants from around the world with a passion for cooking. We love food, and we love sharing food, and we love sharing our culture through food." 

June 2022

How To Spot Loan Scams And Steer Clear Of Them
Forbes, June 30, 2022
Hardika Shah '09, founder and CEO of Kinara Capital, co-authored this piece with Armaan Joshi for Forbes, focused on avoiding loan scams.

Fall 2022 Announcements: Business & Economics
Publisher's Weekly, June 17, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher's new book, Investing in the Era of Climate Change, is described by Publishers Weekly as "one of the top ten business books of the fall," out October 11, 2022.

What Led to the US Baby Formula Shortage − and How Officials Are Trying to Prevent it from Happening Again
CNBC, June 15, 2022
Shazi Vsram '04, founder and CEO of Healthybaby, discusses the "perfect storm of so many terrible things" that caused the baby formula shortage — and how the shortage never should have happened in the first place.

Climate Change Climbs the Business School Curriculum
Financial Times, June 12, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher is quoted on the incorporation of climate change into business school curricula: "It's become mainstream. It's no longer a fringe topic, so much so that we're working to integrate climate topics into our core courses and not just our electives — that's a dramatic change." 

Climate Risk is Financial Risk
Science, June 9, 2022
Gernot Wagner, climate economist and senior lecturer at Columbia Business School, takes on concerns about "greenwashing" in an editorial. 

MBAs Need This Skill Set to Succeed, Columbia Business School Dean Says
Fortune Education, June 8, 2022
Professor Dan Wang discusses the “synthetic and cross-functional” roles MBA graduates are taking on in areas like product management, analytics marketing, and strategy. He is quoted, "Getting our students used to understanding those kind of dynamics and the kind of business models that really defy conventional MBA training — that’s deeply important."

Sara Menker and Donnel Baird: Climate Change Is a Crisis, But It's Solvable
TIME Magazine, June 7, 2022
Blocpower CEO Donnel Baird ’13 is interviewed about the climate crisis. 

Elon Musk Demands Tesla Employees Show Up to the Office Full-time
Financial Times, June 1, 2022
Professor Vanessa Burbano is quoted reflecting on Elon Musk's return-to-work position: “What he says reflects what a lot of companies are thinking, but most don’t want to take the risk of saying such a blanket statement. They want to say ‘we hear you, we value you’, especially for younger workers.”

The Great Carbon Arbitrage
VOX EU CEPR, June 1, 2022
Professor Patrick Bolton co-authored a column on the viscious cylce of energy demand and carbon emissions. They estimate shifting to renewable energy will result in a global net gain of $77.89 trillion.

Helping People Impacted by the Justice System
Grow With Google, June 1, 2022
The Justice Through Code (JTC) program — jointly offered by the Center for Justice and the center — is expanding thanks to a Grow with Google grant that will support our work to provide life-changing access to career-track opportunities in technology for justice-impacted individuals.

May 2022

Get Ready for the Great Resistance. Companies and Employees Are Locked in a Battle of Wills Over Returning to the Office
MarketWatch, May 31, 2022
Professor Vanessa Burbano is quoted saying, "There is definitely a sense of resistance amongst employees against the full-week, all-day, in-person work concept,” and "Remote work also comes with increased opportunities for worker misconduct, worker shirking and putting in less effort, as my research has shown, which is likely part of the reason that there is a desire amongst employers to bring people back to the physical office.”

These Moms Want the World’s Largest Money Manager to Divest From Coal. So They’re Protesting Outside the CEO’s House
Gothamist, May 30, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher explains why divestment from fossil fuels is not enough to mitigate climate change, considering most fossil fuel companies are owned by governments in countries such as China and Russia. He is quoted saying, “The only way we can do that [stop using fossil fuels] is to replace products that are contributing to climate change. That requires an enormous amount of investment capital.”

The War on ‘Woke Capitalism’
Financial Times, May 27, 2022
Professor Vanessa Burbano researched employees' reactions to their companies taking a position on the 2017 "bathroom bills." She observed, “Employees are realising that their leaders are facing a choice over what to say and what to do, and they can potentially influence that in a way they didn’t five years ago.”

Healthybaby Founder & CEO on Baby Formula Shortage
Bloomberg, May 27, 2022
Shazi Vsram '04, founder and CEO of Healthybaby, discussed the baby formula crisis.

Black News Hour: Meet Diana Hwang, the Leader Activating AAPI Women’s Political Prowess
Boston Globe, May 27, 2022
Diana Hwang '18, the founder and executive director of the Asian American Women's Political Initiative (AAWPI), is interviewed in a Q&A.

Sustainable Office Design? Research Shows Modular is the Key
Out of Office, May 26, 2022
Priya Prasad ’22 and Three Cairns Fellow, was part of an MBA research team supported by senior lecturer and climate economist, Gernot Wagner, that found "ROOM products emit 33 percent fewer carbon emissions than traditional construction." The piece walks through how ROOM designs and produces "prefabricated modular products"" that are "good for the environment."

Oil and Gas Majors May Be More Responsive to Pressure on Climate Than Widely Believed
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, May 25, 2022
Professor Shivaram Rajgopal's research, presented at our Climate Business and Investment Conference in April, suggests ways energy companies can be influenced by their investor stakeholders. Separately, reserach from Luisa Palacios, senior research scholar at Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy, who spoke on the same panel, suggests that, increasingly, oil and gas majors can be influenced by their investor stakeholders.

Give Returning Citizens Chance to Become Entrepreneurs: Report
The Crime Report, May 24, 2022
Damon Phillips, adjunct senior research scholar, explains, "Formerly incarcerated people who start businesses have a higher income than those that have employment... And we know that even those who start a business that doesn’t work out have a higher chance of being employed post-entrepreneurship."

Hardika Shah, Founder & CEO, Kinara Capital
ET HR World, May 22, 2022
Hardika Shah ’09, founder of Kinara Capital, said that the "biggest driver factor" of her success is, "Staying true to my vision! From the start, I wanted to build a purpose-driven organization that serves small business entrepreneurs in India."

HealthyBaby CEO Weighs in on Baby Formula Shortage and Why It Never Should Have Happened
CNN Busines, May 19, 2022
Shazi Vsram ’04, founder of Happy Family Brands, was interviewed by CNN International anchor Zain Asher on the baby formula shortage.

Do Airline Climate Offsets Really Work? Here’s the Good News, and the Bad
The New York Times, May 18, 2022
To reach net-zero emissions and avoid the worst effects of climate change "[a]t some point, carbon offset programs will have to become more transparent and effective," says Professor Bruce Usher.

Investment in Carbon Removal Technologies Just Hit an Inflection Point
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, May 13, 2022
A panel at our 2022 Climate Business and Investment Conference underscores a dramatic revving up of demand for a technological niche.

If Roe V. Wade Ends, What Should Feminist Funders Do?
Philanthropy Women, May 10, 2022
S. Mona Sinha ’93, center advisory board member, co-wrote a letter about how the leak of the Supreme Court draft decision about Roe v. Wade threatens women’s fundamental rights, and what feminist funders can do about it.

Business Leadership on the Path to Net Zero: Reasons for Optimism at the 2022 Climate Conference
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, May 10, 2022
Climate change presents humanity with a dizzying array of challenges, but our 2022 Climate Business and Investment Conference made clear that "many of these green shoots of progress are emerging from the world of business."

Should You Take A Business Loan To Deal With Rising Inflation?
Forbes, May 9, 2022
Hardika Shah ’09, founder and CEO of the fintech company Kinara Capital, writes about the factors to consider before taking a business loan to combat inflation.

Kinara Capital Raises $50M in Equity from Nuveen, ASN Microkredietfonds to Boost Lending to MSMEs in India
MicroCapital, May 4, 2022
"This fresh equity round will energize us to scale faster so that we can continue doing what we do best, which is to bring more small business entrepreneurs into the fold of financial inclusion," said Hardika Shah ’09, founder and CEO of the fintech company Kinara Capital, which raised $50M to boost lending to MSMEs in India.

What’s Next for SEC’s Proposed Climate Disclosure Regulation?
Bloomberg, May 2, 2022
Professors Shivaram Rajgopal and Bruce Usher write about how the new SEC climate disclosure proposal — if finalized — could motivate companies to increase investment in technologies that both reduce emissions and improve voluntary disclosure of their climate risks.

2022 Best & Brightest MBA: Katherine Boorstein, Columbia Business School
Poets & Quants, May 1, 2022
Katherine Boorstein ’22's proudest CBS achievement was serving in the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program for the nonprofit Harlem Chamber Players (THCP), where she proposed a new board structure that the organization implemented.

Starting Up and Staying Out
Center for an Urban Future, May 2022
"Entrepreneurship and Incarceration," a paper by Kylie Hwang, PhD ’20, was referenced in this report on how entrepreneurship for many formerly incarcerated New Yorkers "provides a meaningful pathway to economic opportunity."

April 2022

Here Are 5 Ways to Live More Sustainably on Earth Day
NPR, April 22, 2022
Blocpower CEO Donnel Baird ’13 gave advice on going green in celebration of Earth Day, including calling your local utility company and telling them that you want your electricity to come from 100 percent clean energy.

Local Leaders Visit New Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center on Manhattanville Campus
Columbia University: Neighbors, April 5, 2022
Senior director Gwen Shufro ’06 joined local elected and community leaders and other representatives from Columbia to tour the new Manhattanville campus and learn more about the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center.

March 2022

Time 100 Most Influential Companies
Time Magazine, March 30, 2022
Cleantech startup Blocpower, where Donnel Baird ’13 is CEO, was named one of Time100's most influential companies in 2022.  

Making Buildings Green May Take a Chunk Out of Climate Change
Bloomberg, March 21, 2022
Climate tech company Blocpower, where Donnel Baird ’13 is CEO, offers a simple solution to green American cities by replacing fossil fuel-equipment with electric alternatives.

A More Inclusive Green Energy Plan Starts With Old Buildings
Bloomberg, March 18, 2022
Donnel Baird ’13, CEO of BlocPower, hopes to reduce emissions by helping underserved Americans turn their buildlings electric.

How to Stir Up India's Nano Entrepreneurs
Economic Times, March 15, 2022
Hardika Shah ’09, founder and CEO of Kinara Capital, co-wrote this piece on "the importance of small businesses in the growth and vibrancy of an economy, including job creation, sparking innovation, and absorbing the shocks of economic cycles."

Inflation Is at a 40-year High. Is Clean Energy the Solution?
Grist, March 15, 2022
Although fossil fuel prices have tended to go up over time, "if you put up a solar power station . . . then you have free electricity for the next 25 years. There are no running costs — there are no fuel costs that have to go up," said Professor Geoffrey Heal.

City Pediatricians Look to Scale Clinical Model Embedded in Social Services
Crain's New York, March 9, 2022
Drs. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo, ’11PH; Suzette Brown; and Nicole Brown left their careers in academic institutions to found Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio venture Strong Children Wellness, a holistic care model that connects underserved families to health and social services through community partnerships. Now, they are looking to expand their model.

Wealthy Donors of Color Talk About What Motivates Their Giving in New Report
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 9, 2022
S. Mona Sinha ’93, center advisory board member, said that donors of color often face the same barriers as grantees do.

BlocPower Is Turning Every Home Into the Equivalent of a Tesla
Fast Company, March 8, 2022
Cleantech startup Blocpower, where Donnel Baird ’13 is CEO, is addressing climate change by giving homeowners in underserved communities the opportunity to electrify their buildings.

Business Playbook: How to Work Toward Net-zero Carbon Emissions
Yahoo!, March 8, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher commented that the global transition to clean enery is underway and that "[t]he sooner you get started on it, the more likely you can do it at a lower cost and more intelligently, and come up with the best practices for your business." 

Circular Kids’ Clothing Startup Earns B Corp Status
Sourcing Journal, March 7, 2022
Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member Borobabi (co-founded by Carolyn Butler ’18), a circular children’s retailer that allows parents to buy and rent pre-owned apparel for growing infants and toddlers, achieved B Corp status through its unique business model and commitment to sustainably made garments. 

CEOs Must Be Ready to Talk About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, Consultants Say. Here Are Three Pitfalls They Should Avoid
Business Insider, March 3, 2022
"It is increasingly important that leaders create a culture in which employees feel safe and supported at their workplace . . . CEOs should offer recognition that this may be a trying time for employees and offer a safe and nonjudgmental space for employees to talk about the issues that may be on their mind," said Professor Vanessa Burbano, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

February 2022

Mayor Adams Announces Record 100,000 Summer Youth Employment Opportunities From Harlem To Hollis
Harlem World Magazine, February 19, 2022
"[The Summer Youth Employment Program] offers youth opportunities to develop their talents, determine their goals, and establish strong relationships. For many youth in the neighborhoods Children’s Aid serves, this is their only opportunity to gain access to workforce experience and exposure to a network of professionals. I applaud the mayor for this investment and we look forward to supporting it over the summer," said Phoebe Boyer ’93, president and CEO of Children’s Aid, in response to Mayor Adams's announcement that NYC will support a record 100,000 summer job opportunities.

Mayor Adams Convenes Second Business Leadership Council Meeting to Discuss Productive Partnership Between Business Community and City Hall
NYC Gov, February 17, 2022
Nina Tandon ’12, CEO of EpiBone, was named to Mayor Adams's Business Leadership Council, which creates ways to better aid New York’s economic recovery, including expanding the Summer Youth Employment Program and focusing on public safety.

Notable Black Leaders
Crain's New York, February 15, 2022
Donnel Baird ’13, CEO of cleantech startup Blocpower, was included on this list of talented and accomplished Black leaders "whose professional and communal achievements enhance New York City and the lives of its inhabitants."

Are Wind and Solar Power Really More Expensive and Less Reliable?
Columbia Climate School: State of the Planet, February 10, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher underscores that the myths about renewable energy are based on prices and performance that are typically outdated.

Celebrating the City's Black Business Leaders
Crain's New York, February 7, 2022
Donnel Baird ’13, Blocpower CEO, and Kelly Ifill ’17, founder and CEO of Guava, were both included in this list of prominent Black leaders who are solving some of the city's most pressing issues, such as climate change and injustice and economic inequality.

Meet the MBA Class of 2023: Edward Patterson, Columbia Business School
Poets & Quants, February 5, 2022
Edward Patterson ’23 was most excited to join the School because of the center's "unparalleled access and experiential learning opportunities." He credits the social enterprise curriculum, clubs, and internships with giving him an advantage in the industry, including using these learned skills to start a nonprofit to "remove the barriers placed on children in underserved communities and provide a space for kids to channel their passions into long-term success."

Meet Columbia Business School’s MBA Class Of 2023
Poets & Quants, February 5, 2022
Letty Perez ’21 credits Professor Todd Jick's courses with being a top reason to apply to Columbia Business School, including the course Bridging the American Divides, co-taught with Professor Bruce Usher. The course provides a better understanding of the causes and consequences of American divides — such as educational and political divides — and what students can do as future business leaders to help bridge them.

Amanda Carlson, assistant dean of admissions, said that one of the most popular elective courses at the School is Modern Political Economy, which was previously taught by Professor Ray Horton, founder of the Social Enterprise Program and a recipient of the Presidential Teaching Award in 2020. The course helps students understand, predict, adapt to, and shape the evolving world of the political economy from the various views that they will hold during their careers. The course is now co-taught by Professors Glenn Hubbard and Tano Santos.

Black Founders Working to Make the Financial System More Equitable
Inc., February 1, 2022
Entrepreneur Kelly Ifill ’17, founder and CEO of Guava, is helping Black-owned businesses gain access to startup capital such as banking, community building, and assistance with lower-barrier loans. 

January 2022

Mayor Adams Announces Appointments of Climate Leadership Team, Streamlines Multiple City Environmental Agencies Into One
NYC Gov, January 31, 2022
Mayor Adams appointed Rohit Aggarwala ’00, senior advisor at Sidewalk Labs, as chief climate officer and commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to protect the city from climate dangers.

How Do Top-up Loans Work?
Forbes, January 28, 2022
Hardika Shah ’09, founder and CEO of the fintech company Kinara Capital, broke down how top-up loan offers are available to businesses as well.

10 Business Schools To Watch In 2022
Poets & Quants, January 17, 2022
The School's courses in cleantech, climate finance, new energy market development, and sustainability finance are "rooted in social necessity as much as student demand," says Dean Costis Maglaras, who views the climate crisis as a new opportunity for business.

Brooklyn Startup BlocPower Raises $30M From Microsoft in Mission to ‘Turn Buildings into Teslas’
Crain's New York, January 14, 2022
BlocPower, where Donnel Baird ’13 is CEO, received a $30M investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund, which will support the venture's electrification services and decarbonization efforts to retrofit buildings for low- and middle-income residents.

What’s Still Misunderstood About Carbon Markets: Q&A With Professor Bruce Usher
Columbia Business School: Leading Through Change, January 11, 2022
Professor Bruce Usher explained why it’s not necessarily bad if carbon markets shift emissions, and what is crucial to creating an effective carbon market.

Even My Business School Students Have Doubts About Capitalism
The Atlantic, January 2, 2022
Students in Professor Glenn Hubbard's Modern Political Economy class this past fall raised concerns that business leaders are too far removed from the communities that are affected by companies’ actions. Instead, students seek broader social support to maximize economic opportunities for everyone.