Manju Dawkins ’01CC and Armand Dawkins ’01CC

Health and wellness

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

Today, 24 percent of adults and 66 percent of children experience needle fear and anxiety. That same fear stops millions from participating in other forms of essential care, including preventative immunizations, early disease detection, blood donation, and life-saving treatments. The COVID-19 pandemic magnified the issue. In fact, a recent Oxford study suggested that if we actually addressed injection anxiety, we could increase COVID vaccinations by a whopping ten percent. 


Thimble is the first integrated portfolio of pain and anxiety-reducing solutions that address needle pain and fear. At the core is the patent pending Thimble patch, which is used before the poke to prevent pain. The patch is also paired with a digital offering featuring research-backed, proven methods to help lower anxiety and mitigate pain. The app seamlessly incorporates techniques from breath work, meditation, applied muscle tension, and cognitive behavioral therapy-into a convenient, calming tool that guides through the emotional journey of an injection or blood draw.

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