Wash House

The Wash House

Lily Pierre, Edward Pierre, Chase Bates-Pierre, Lacie Pierre ‘22BUS SIPA’23, and Nile Pierre

Social impact

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

Without full Internet access, marginalized people will struggle to acquire the resources, knowledge, and relationships they need to build success. At The Wash House, 70 percent of the people we assist cannot afford broadband, so in our mission to develop entrepreneurs, we provide educational and professional development and emphasize digital resources. We target underserved, minority communities in the South plagued by historical resource inequity, educational disadvantage, and generational poverty. Our innovative structure empowers local aesthetic entrepreneurs, provides key hygienic resources, and enables intergenerational development centered on culturally informed services. In short, The Wash House offers a holistic resource to disadvantaged communities.


Many low-income minority communities require laundering services, and given the extent of this unmet need, these locations can naturally serve as gathering places. The Wash House seeks to step into this space by providing a dynamic, modern community center. While the launderette initially captures the community, our life-enriching services allow for long-term development that impact educational and professional outcomes. Access to WIFI, professional training, STEM summer programming, and culturally relevant beauty services are just a few of the offerings that are tailor-made to make meaningful and lasting impacts on, and build self-efficacy in, the most forgotten sections of our country.

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