fracturing conference
Speakers at a conference on regulating hydraulic fracturing.


The Richman Center sponsors invitation-only conferences and symposia that address emerging issues at the intersection of business and law. Invited participants include academics, policymakers, attorneys, industry members and journalists. Columbia faculty present research that analyzes issues and explores alternative public and private responses, and participants are invited to actively discuss the research and explore its implications for core policy issues.

2019-2020 Conferences

2018-2019 Conferences

  • 2019 Global Business Forum—Resource Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for Global Business
  • Corporate Governance Counter-narratives: On Corporate Purpose and Shareholder Value(s)
  • Symposium on Central Banking and Delegated Power

2017-2018 Conferences

  • 2018 Global Business Forum: Changing Demographics and Global Business
  • Engaged Investor Project

2016–2017 Conferences

2015-2016 Conferences

2014–2015 Conferences

2013-2014 Conferences

2012-2013 Conferences

2011-2012 Conferences