Support and Guidance Every Step of the Way

The JD/MBA program at Columbia gives students deep insight into law and business theory, policy, and practice, preparing them for a range of career paths in the private and public sectors.

The Richman Center, along with faculty and staff at the Business School and Law School, provide JD/MBA students with extensive support and guidance during their time at Columbia. The center facilitates regular networking and mentorship opportunities, including a mentorship program. The career management services at both schools offer advising, interview programs, and on-campus recruiting opportunities. These resources prepare students to pursue employment after graduation as well as to explore career paths through summer internships.

Alumni and students can also share and access opportunities in the Columbia JD/MBA LinkedIn group.

To facilitate student interaction with alumni, the Richman Center also organizes informal group events, including breakfasts and coffee hours.

  • Current JD/MBA students who wish to become mentees, apply here.