Two Paths to a Dual Degree

Columbia University offers a three-year and a four-year JD/MBA program. Students in the three-year program spend the first year at the Law School, the second year at the Business School, and the third year taking a combination of courses at both schools, some of which count toward both degree requirements.

Students in the four-year program have two options:

  • staying at the Law School during their second year before proceeding to the Business School
  • spending their second year at the Business School and then taking a combination of business and law courses during the remaining two years

Students are encouraged to pursue internships or other ventures during the summer in order to explore career paths, and career management services at both schools provide resources to help these endeavors.


The JD/MBA program encompasses a number of core and elective courses, including many offered jointly by both schools.

Graduation Requirements

To complete the JD/MBA program, students on both the three-year and four-year tracks must earn a minimum of 71 credits at the Law School and 45 credits at the Business School. (Exception: Students who first matriculated at the Law School in 2017 must complete a total of 72 credits at the Law School.) This includes joint electives, which count towards both degrees.

Students must complete all JD requirements, including the first-year Foundation Curriculum; a mandatory 40-hours of pro bono work; major writing; minor writing; and a professional responsibility course. At the Business School, students are able to test out of some core curriculum classes through exemption exams, and may replace them with elective credits.